WooCommerce product linking
Link an existing WooCommerce product to an existing product in Uphance
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Before you start syncing orders with WooCommerce, each product that you sell will need to be linked back to Uphance.

Linking a product

1. Navigate to the product you want to link in Uphance

2.  Click on the E-commerce tab, and select the WooCommerce store. Under WooCommerce Linking,  click on Connect to an existing WooCommerce Product 

3. Enter the WooCommerce product ID in the field that appears, and click Connect.

4.  If successful, you will find a link to the WooCommerce product that was connected and the Live WooCommerce Stock Level should reflect your inventory in Uphance.

Finding WooCommerce product IDs

From your product list hover over the product name and make note of the number that appears under ID.

You can also export a product list with IDs from the top of your WooCommerce product list

One WooCommerce product per color option?

If your color options are split into multiple products in WooCommerce, you can link them all back to a single product in Uphance instead.

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