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How to Integrate The Iconic Marketplace and Process Orders With Uphance
How to Integrate The Iconic Marketplace and Process Orders With Uphance

This guide highlights all the steps you need to take to integrate your account at The Iconic Marketplace and process orders via Uphance.

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Integrating Uphance with The Iconic Marketplace will help you spend less time in your Seller Center administration and help you leverage more advanced seller management. This integration works by allowing you to send your existing products on Uphance to The Iconic and pull orders from the e-commerce platform to your Uphance dashboard. This can be especially helpful if you operate a multi-channel strategy that includes The Iconic.

How to Integrate The Iconic Marketplace And Start Selling Via Uphance

To integrate Uphance with The Iconic, you’ll need to have your user accounts for both platforms handy. The following steps should help you get started without any hassle.


  • Update SKUs: You’ll need to ensure that you’ve updated your SKUs in Uphance before integrating with The Iconic Marketplace. This is crucial as you’ll need to align your SKUs on Uphance with what you have on The Iconic. A good start would be to ensure that your categories and subcategories on Uphance are properly assigned.

  • Account Information: You need an active plan with Uphance and an account on The Iconic marketplace to proceed with this integration.

Step 1: Retrieve your API and Account Information

Before integrating The Iconic with Uphance, you’ll need to log in to your seller center on The Iconic Marketplace.

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Scroll to the User Section and copy the API Key from the list of users available. As a best practice, we recommend creating a separate user account for the integration with Uphance.

  • Alternatively, you could Retrieve the API key and User ID (Email Address) from Integration Management. The API key is essential for establishing a link between Uphance and your account on The Iconic Marketplace.

Step 2: Install/Add The Iconic Marketplace Via Your Uphance Dashboard

Login to your Uphance dashboard to get started with integrating The Iconic with Uphance.

  • Navigate to and click Apps on the bottom left of your dashboard.

  • Click All Apps and search for The Iconic.

  • Select the Add button on The Iconic tab.

  • Click the Add App button from the prompt.

Step 3: Configure The Iconic Marketplace

Once you’ve added The Iconic, you’ll need to configure it to link to your account.

  • Click Configure on The Iconic’s tab to proceed.

Step 4: Connect Iconic to Uphance

To connect Iconic to Uphance, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Iconic Seller Center

After logging in, navigate to Settings >> Integration Management

Step 2: Open the OAuth Applications tab

After opening, click the Add Applications tab.

Step 3: Enter the Following Values

Enter the following values in their respective fields as indicated below:

Application name: Uphance

Then hit the Save button.

Step 4: Update in Uphance

Upon saving, Iconic will generate your connection credentials, which are the Application ID and Application Secret.

Copy these credentials, log in to your Uphance account and open the Apps page. After that, locate The Iconic Marketplace and click the Configure button.

After clicking, paste the credentials you copied from Iconic and paste them in the Client ID and Client Secret fields. When you are done, scroll down and Save.

The configuration page will allow you to point Uphance towards your The Iconic account.

  • Enter your API Key and The Iconic Account email address.

  • Tick the “Do you want to connect to Staging?” box to prevent your integration from going live.

  • Untick the “Do you want to connect to Staging?” box if you’d like to take your integration live.

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click the Save button to confirm the integration.

Step 5: Customize The Iconic

After integrating The Iconic with Uphance, you’ll need to make customizations to ensure that the information on The Iconic corresponds with what’s available on Uphance. For instance, if your Uphance inventory is labeled differently on The Iconic, you’ll want to ensure that they both align at this stage.

  • Select Uphance Channel. The Uphance channel determines how your orders from the Iconic Marketplace are controlled. It also determines how your seller account on The Iconic Marketplace interacts with Uphance. For instance, instead of using wholesale pricing, you can configure your Uphance channel setting to use MSRP rather than wholesale prices.

  • Select your preferred warehouse for The Iconic orders fulfillment.

  • Choose inventory to fulfill The Iconic Marketplace orders from. This is essential if you have different inventory categories from which you’d prefer to fulfill The Iconic Marketplace orders.

  • Select Iconic Payment Term. This is essentially concerned with how your buyers should pay for orders.

  • Align product categories by selecting the Uphance subcategory and the corresponding subcategory on The Iconic.

How to Process The Iconic Marketplace Orders Via Uphance

Processing The Iconic orders via your Uphance dashboard is straightforward. Once you’ve integrated and configured The Iconic, you can seamlessly process and manage orders from the Uphance dashboard.

Sending Products to The Iconic Marketplace (Compulsory Fields You Must Fill Out)

Before sending products to Iconic, there are compulsory fields you need to fill out. They are as follows:

  • Product category

  • SKU numbers

  • Barcodes (Keep in mind that EAN number is used in place of barcodes in Uphance)

  • Custom field - Gender (This should be set to select)

  • Description

  • Variation identifiers

After filling out these fields, you can then proceed to upload products from Uphance to The Iconic. To do so:

  • Navigate to the Products Section at the bottom of The Iconic configuration page.

  • Select the Products for the specific season you’d like to push. For instance, you may wish only to send products from your AW22 or SS22 collections.

  • Click Send Products to Iconic.

  • The selected products should now appear in your account at The Iconic.

Pull All Open Orders

To pull all orders from The Iconic;

  • Scroll to the bottom of your configuration page and locate the Orders section.

  • Click the Pull All Open Orders button. This will effectively sync your orders on The Iconic Marketplace and make them available on Uphance.

  • All your Open Orders should be available from the Order Management section of your dashboard.

Order Management

To manage your orders from The Iconic;

  • Login to your Uphance Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the left of the page and click on Order Management.

  • Select Sales Orders to see your orders from all channels.

  • To see all your orders from The Iconic, navigate to the "All Sales" filter in the top-right section of the page.

  • Select The Iconic to view only orders from The Iconic.

Order Fulfillment

Once an order is placed on The Iconic Marketplace, an invoice, payment receipt, and a pick ticket are automatically generated. Order fulfillment via Uphance is based on your pre-configured channel settings. You'll need to ensure that your channel settings are properly configured to automate Order Fulfillment.

Returns Management

When an order is returned via The Iconic Marketplace, it is automatically synced with your inventory on Uphance. Again, this is ultimately based on your Channel Settings and configurations. For instance, if your channel setting is configured to "Automatically Check-In" returns, the stock would be automatically added to your inventory.

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