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How to Install and Use Uphance Payments
How to Install and Use Uphance Payments

The following steps highlight how you can install and use Uphance payments to take the hassle out of invoicing and Payment Collections.

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Uphance Payments can help to further streamline your e-commerce operations by allowing you to receive payments and settle orders or invoices seamlessly. Here’s a run-through of how you can quickly get started with Uphance Payments by installing it on your Uphance account.

Step 1: Log in to your Uphance Dashboard

Login to your Uphance dashboard to get started.

Step 2: Launch Apps

From your dashboard, navigate to the bottom left of the page and click Apps.

Step 3: Add and Configure Uphance Payments

From the Apps Page, Navigate to the top of the page and select All Apps.

Search for Uphance Payments and click the Add button.

This should automatically add the Uphance Payments app to your list of apps. From the apps page, navigate once more to Uphance Payments and click Configure.

Step 4: Set up Fee Arrangements

From the configuration panel, set up your fee arrangements for payments by selecting whether fees for Uphance payments will be paid by you, or your customers. Every time Uphance Payments is used, a convenience fee is charged directly by Stripe.

If you choose for the fee to be "paid by your customer", the final payment amount will be the invoice amount plus the convenience fee. Similarly, if you choose for the fee to be "paid by you", the convenience fee will be deducted from the total invoice amount.

Step 5: Agree to the Uphance Payments Agreement

Once you’ve set up your fee arrangement, you’ll need to agree to the Uphance Payments agreement. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box that indicates you’ve read and agree to the Uphance Payments Agreement.

Step 6: Select Your Primary Country of Operations

Select your business’ primary country and click the Continue button.

Step 7: Supply Business Information for Identity Verification

You’ll need to provide your business information, including contact details and tax ID, for verification. Click Continue to proceed.

Enter owner information, including name, contact information, and ID document.

Step 8: Connect Your Business Bank Account

After entering your business and personal details for verification, you’ll need to connect your business bank account for settlement. Once you’ve provided your bank account details, click the finish button.

Step 9: Enable Uphance Payments

Once you’ve finished the application to set up Uphance Payments, you’ll need to wait to receive a response. The verification and approval process can take up to 2 business days. You will be notified once a decision has been made.

To enable Uphance Payments, simply repeat Steps 1-3 and click the Enable Payments button.

You can also view the status of your application by clicking View Application or view existing payments by clicking Go To Payments.

Step 10: Creation of Sales Order

Once a sales order is received from one of your wholesalers. It is synced with your Uphance account and instantly reflects on your dashboard.

Step 11: Create Invoice and Send to Customer

When you receive a wholesale order, you’ll need to create an invoice and send it to your buyer. To do this;

  • Login to your Uphance Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the left-hand side of the panel and click the Order Management menu button.

From the Drop Menu, click Invoices.

  • From the list of invoices, click the relevant Invoice Number to proceed.

  • To send an invoice to your buyer, scroll to the bottom section of the page. Navigate to the right-hand side of the page and toggle around the Documents button.

  • Click the Mail icon next to the relevant invoice. This should pop up a window that allows you to send the attached email.

  • Add a custom subject and message before sending the invoice.

Step 12: Customer Opens The Invoice

Once the invoice is received and opened by the buyer, a visible Pay Now button is displayed on the top left of the document.

Step 13: Customer Makes Payment

To make payment, a buyer simply needs to click the Pay Now button directly from the invoice. This should immediately redirect a buyer to the Uphance Payments processing page, powered by Stripe. Your buyers will be expected to enter their names and card details to proceed.

Once the payment is successfully processed, it should automatically mark the invoice as paid in your Uphance account.

Step 14: Process Payout

This is the final step with using Uphance Payments. Payout refers to when the payment sent by your buyer is transferred to your bank account. To view your current Payouts;

  • Navigate to the Order Management button.

  • Click Payments.

  • Click the Uphance Payouts button to view your Payouts history and their status.

Note that payouts do not happen in real-time and typically follow a periodic approach.

Step 15: Payment Reminders

With Uphance Payments, automatic payment reminders are sent to buyers periodically. To set the frequency of the reminders, you can:

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Select Email Settings

  • Check the Payment Reminder box is ticked.

  • Scroll to the right of Payment Reminders and click Edit Email. This will allow you to set the frequency of reminders to be sent to buyers prior to the due date.

  • To adjust your reminders for when payments are due, navigate to email settings, and scroll to Payment is past due. Navigate to the right and click edit email. This should effectively allow you to adjust the reminder frequency. For instance, you could set the Payment Reminder to be sent every 3 days until the payment is made.

  • You can also set up and edit a custom message to be sent as your Payment Reminder.

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