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How to Configure Your Inventory and Warehouse For Seamless Fulfillment
How to Configure Your Inventory and Warehouse For Seamless Fulfillment

This article provides a guide on how to properly configure your inventory/warehouse settings for seamless fulfillment.

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The first step toward seamless fulfillment on Uphance is ensuring that your inventory and warehouses are properly configured to fulfill your orders. With Uphance, you can proactively configure your default warehouse from where orders should be fulfilled. You can also assign manufacturers to different warehouses where necessary.

Warehouse Configurations

To configure your inventory and warehouses;

  • Navigate to Settings from Your Uphance dashboard.

  • Click the Inventory button from your settings panel.

  • Navigate to the Locations tab to set your primary warehouse from where you expect orders to be fulfilled.

  • You can enable multiple warehouses if necessary by checking the relevant button at the top of the Locations tab.

  • To add more warehouses, click the Add (+) symbol on the right-hand side of the locations tab. This will allow you to set up additional warehouses for fulfillment.

Assigning Manufacturers to Warehouses

To assign a manufacturer to a warehouse;

  • From your Inventory Settings, navigate to the Locations tab.

  • Select the warehouse you’d like to assign a manufacturer to. This should open up the warehouse configurations.

  • Scroll down to the Manufacturer button just above the Contacts tab.

  • Open the list of manufacturers and select the one you’d like to assign to the warehouse.

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