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How to Integrate And Fulfill Zalando Marketplace Orders on Uphance
How to Integrate And Fulfill Zalando Marketplace Orders on Uphance

Integrate Zalando Marketplace and start managing and fulfilling orders via Uphance.

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Integrating Zalando Marketplace with Uphance will open you up to a world of seamless order fulfillment and multichannel capabilities from one dashboard. Connecting your Zalando Marketplace with the Uphance Apparel ERP will help you automate order management and fulfillment and ensure that you’re spending less time on your Zalando Partner Portal.

How to Integrate Zalando Marketplace on Uphance

The following provides a hassle-free guide on how to connect your Zalando Marketplace account and start selling via Uphance.


Here are the prerequisites you should have in place before integrating Zalando Marketplace on Uphance.

Account Information

You’ll need to retrieve your account information from your Zalando partner portal to successfully connect to Uphance. These are your Client ID, Client secret, Merchant ID, and Sales Channel ID.

Update SKUs

You’ll also need to ensure that you’ve updated your SKUs in Uphance before integrating with Zalando Marketplace. This is crucial as you’ll need to align your SKUs on Uphance with what you have on Zalando. A good start would be to ensure that your categories and subcategories on Uphance are properly assigned.

Add Zalando to Uphance

To get started, you’ll need to install the Zalando Marketplace app on Uphance.

  • From your Uphance dashboard, navigate to Apps on the left-hand side of the page.

  • Scroll to the All Apps tab at the top of the page.

  • Locate Zalando, and click the Add button.

  • Read the prompt that states the additional cost of integrating Zalando Marketplace to your Uphance account. Click the Add App button.

Configure Zalando

Once you’ve added Zalando to your list of apps, you’ll need to configure it to ensure that it’s properly connected to your partner portal.

  • Return to the Zalando app tab and click Configure.

Enter Zalando Account Information

You’ll need to enter your account information from your Zalando partner portal to integrate with Uphance.

  • Enter your Client ID.

  • Enter your Client Secret.

  • Enter your Merchant ID.

  • Enter your Sales Channel ID.

  • Tick the “Do you want to connect to Staging?” box to prevent your integration from going live.

  • Untick the “Do you want to connect to Staging?” box if you’d like to take your integration live.

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click the Save button to confirm the integration.

Choose Default Invoicing Method

Immediately after entering your account information, select your default invoicing method. For Zalando Marketplace, the default invoicing method is eCommerce.

Select Uphance Warehouse

Select the default Uphance warehouse that you’d like to fulfill Zalando Marketplace orders from.

Choose Uphance Inventory to Send

Choose the Uphance inventory to send orders from. For eCommerce, the default inventory should be “Available from Stock”. This will ensure that you only accept orders for stock that’s readily available to be sold.

Align Uphance And Zalando Inventory

Aligning your Uphance and Zalando Marketplace inventories will make order management and fulfillment seamless. To do this;

  • Navigate to the Brands section from the Zalando App configuration panel.

  • Choose a brand from the list available if you enabled the Multibrand functionality.

  • Scroll to the Categories section with a list of all your existing Uphance categories associated with your selected brand.

If you’ve successfully connected your Zalando partner account with Uphance, your list of marketplace categories would have automatically uploaded. To align these categories;

  • On the right-hand side of Uphance categories, select the corresponding category on Zalando Marketplace.

  • Similarly, you’ll need to align your Uphance Seasons and Colors with their corresponding versions on Zalando Marketplace.

Sending Products to Zalando

To send products from your Uphance inventory, you’ll need to do this one season at a time. Due to Zalando requirements, make sure that you have all the required data:

  • Product images should be present on the Product page > Images tab

  • Product prices must be present.

  • Target group and gender fields filled on Product page > Product details tab

  • EANs/UPCs filled on Product page > SKUs tab

  • Material code and percentage filled on Product page > Production tab

  • Brand, season, category mapping.

  • Color mapping.

To push products;

  • Navigate to the Products tab at the bottom of the Zalando Marketplace configuration panel.

  • Scroll to the Push all products for a season tab.

  • Select a season and the corresponding price you’d like to send. For instance, you could select the AW22 season and choose the eCommerce prices.

  • Click the SEND PRODUCTS TO ZALANDO button to push the entire season’s products to the marketplace.

Pulling Orders From Zalando

To pull orders from Zalando Marketplace;

  • Navigate to the Orders tab on the Zalando app configuration page.

  • Click the Get Orders button.

You can also schedule the pulling of orders at regular intervals. To do this;

  • Navigate to the Incoming Files tab at the bottom of the page.

  • Tick the Scheduled box.

  • Select the Daily or Weekly option and add a preferred timeslot that you’d like to pull orders regularly.

  • You can also set a day of the week that you’d like to pull weekly orders.

Order Management

To manage your orders from Zalando Marketplace via Uphance;

  • Navigate to the left of the page and click on Order Management.

  • Select Sales Orders to see your orders from all channels.

  • To see all your orders from Zalando, navigate to the "All Sales" filter in the top-right section of the page.

  • Select Zalando to view only orders from Zalando Marketplace.

Order Fulfillment

Once an order is placed on Zalando Marketplace, an invoice, payment receipt, and a pick ticket are automatically generated. Order fulfillment via Uphance is based on your pre-configured channel settings. You'll need to ensure that your channel settings are properly configured to automate Order Fulfillment.

Returns Management

When an order is returned via Zalando, it is automatically synced with your inventory on Uphance. Again, this is ultimately based on your Channel Settings and configurations. For instance, if your channel setting is configured to "Automatically Check-In" returns, the stock would be automatically added to your inventory.

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