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How to Start Using The Uphance Mobile Sales App
How to Start Using The Uphance Mobile Sales App

Sell your products and manage customers on the go, using the Uphance Mobile Sales App.

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The Complete Guide to Using The Uphance Mobile Sales App

For customers on the annual subscription, the Uphance Mobile Sales app is available on both Android and iOS for your phone and your tablet. Search for Uphance Mobiles Sales in your App Store or Google Play.

To get started once you’ve launched the app;

  • Enter your organization’s Uphance email and password.

  • Toggle the Remember me button if you need the app to remember your login details.

  • Click the Login button to proceed.

Note: The first time you download the Uphance Mobile Sales app to your mobile device, it may take some time for your data to be synced to your mobile device depending on how many customers you have.

Mobile App Navigation

The first time you launch the Uphance Mobile Sales App you will be taken directly to the Sales History (Orders) screen. However, if you want to go to any other part of the Uphance Mobile App, simply click on the menu bars in the top left of any screen.

Clicking on the Menu bar will effectively show you all the menu options you can navigate to via the app.

Switching Companies

If you manage multiple companies on Uphance, you can seamlessly switch between them via the Mobile Sales App. To do this;

  • Navigate to the Menu bar and click on the drop-down button on the right-hand side of the active company’s name.

  • Select the company you’d like to switch to from the drop menu.

Sales History

To look at the history of Sales that you have started but not submitted, you’ll need to navigate to the Sales History log on your app.

  • Click the Menu button and select Sales History.

Create a New Sales

If you want to create a new Sales Order for one of your customers;

  • Open the Menu bar.

  • Select “Create new sale” from the list of options available.

Sales Notes & Support

Throughout the Mobile App, you will see a plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner. Select this at any time to get Support or enter Sales Notes (only available within the Sales History and Create a New Sales module).

Please note that Sales Notes are cleared when you click back to the "Create new sale" screen.


If you want to add, view, or remove your Customers, select "Customers" from the main menu. To manage your customer records;

  • From your Mobile Sales App main menu, select Customers. This should provide a list of all your customers.

Event Log

If you need to look at events that have occurred on your account,

  • Navigate to the Menu bar.

  • Select "Event Log" to see a list of your recent activities and errors.

Log Out

To log out of the Uphance Mobile Sales App;

  • Locate the Menu Bar and

  • Click on the LOGOUT at the button bottom left corner of your main menu screen.


To Sync your Mobile device with your full Uphance account and data;

  • Launch the menu bar.

  • Click the Sync button located at the bottom right.

Manage Customers' Profiles

Use your Uphance Mobile Sales app to manage your Customers' profiles. If you (or your agents) are "on the go", you will meet new customers and will have a way to add their contact information to your Customer database.

Also, if you are visiting your customers and their contact information has changed, you can update this information from your Uphance Mobile Sales app as well.

By entering this information directly into your Uphance Mobile Sales app, you do not have to "take notes" and remember to enter the data later when you get back to the office. And, the information is automatically synchronized to the main Uphance systems so that all of your Agents can have visibility to the new information as it becomes available.

Adding a New Customer

To add a New Customer,

  • Select Customers from your main menu (top right blue bars).

  • Type your customer's Company Name in the Company Name field.

  • Click on the blue drop-down arrow next to "Select Channel" to select the pricing Channel this customer will be associated with.

  • Select the pricing Channel for the customer.

Figure 2:

Customer Contact

To add the customer's contact information:

  • Click on the Add Contact button.

  • Click on the "Plus Sign (+)".

  • Enter the customer's name, phone number, and email address on the presented form. Note you may have to scroll down to see the full form.

  • Also, specify whether the address is to be the default for shipping or billing by ticking the appropriate boxes.

  • Save the customer's contact profile by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen

Customers Address

To add a new customer address,

  1. Click on the Add Address button (Figure 1).

  2. Click on the "Plus Sign".

  3. Enter the customer's address on the presenting form. Note you may have to scroll down to see the full form.

  1. Also, specify whether the address is to be the default for shipping or billing by clicking the appropriate radial buttons.

  2. Save the customer's address profile by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Saving New Customer Profile

After entering the company name, channel, address, and contact information, click Save on the New Customer profile sheet.

Note: If the person logged into the Mobile Sales app is an Agent when the Customer is created, Uphance will automatically populate the Agent field on the Customer's profile.

Creating a Sales Order

  1. Navigate to the Sales History screen by launching the Menu bar and clicking the Sales History option on the left.

  2. From the Sales History screen, click Add New Order.

  1. You’ll need to link a customer to the order. To do this;

  2. Start typing the name of your customer in the Search Customers field. If you need to add a New Customer, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Add Customer button.

  1. Select Your Customer by clicking on the relevant name.

Defining Order Parameters

On the next screen, you’ll need to configure your order.

  • Select your Channel

  • Select the Season you want to purchase from

  • Enter a Purchase Order reference

  • Define your Payment Terms

  • Select a Start Ship Date

  • Enter a Cancel Ship Date (if applicable)

  • Click the Next button to proceed.

Adding Products

The next step in your sales order creation process is to add products. Swipe up to scroll and browse for the product within the selected Season that you would like to purchase. This product display order is based on what you have configured in Settings>Product Setup>PRODUCTS ORDER BY section (not on Mobile App). If you make any changes, you may need to log out and back into the Mobile App in order to see the change.

To add products to your order,

  1. After defining your Order Parameters, click the Next button to proceed.

  2. Locate the product you want to purchase by scrolling through the product list.

  3. Click on a product order to bring up the Color and Size selections.

  4. Specify the quantities of that product you wish to purchase by size and quantity.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Close" to return to the main product list.

  6. Browse to another product using the same steps above.

If necessary, use the "Back" button to back up a screen or two and select a different Season or product. Keep performing this until you have selected all of your products, sizes, colors, and quantities. See next sections on entering quantities for the sizes and colors and finalizing the order.

Selecting Color

Type the quantity in the field below the size of the color that you want to order. For example, we typed a quantity of 2 for the blue Beach Towel:

Selecting Sizes

For those products that have specific sizes, you also specify the quantities as shown below. In this example, we specified a quantity of 5 for small, 3 for medium and 8 for large.

Error Messages

If you click "Next" and received an error message indicating “Please, select products”, you most likely did not properly enter the quantities for your color and sizes for the products you selected. To fix this;

  • Click the Back button to view your selected products.

  • Update quantities or details for your products.

  • Click Next to proceed.

Confirming your Cart

After entering quantities for the various sizes, you can confirm the styles and number of pieces are correct in the "Shopping Cart" at the top, right corner of your screen.

Finalizing Your Order

Once you have selected all of your products and have clicked on the "Next" button as described earlier (with no errors reported), you should be redirected to a summary screen that displays what you have selected for your order.

Review the information to determine if it is correct. If the information is inaccurate, click on the Edit button to make changes. If the Sales Order is correct, click the Save as a Draft if you plan to make additional changes. However, if it is final, click the Save Confirm button to Confirm the Sales Order.

If the Save Confirm button is disabled, it is possible your customer does not have a billing contact, billing address, or shipping address set up within their profile. These fields are required in order to Confirm the sale from the Mobile App. You can either edit the customer profile or “Save as Draft” to Confirm the Sale later when the information can be entered.

Figure 9:

Sending Your Order to Uphance

Once you click Save, your order will be sent to Uphance. You can see on your Display Order list which ones are still in DRAFT state, those yet to be finalized, and any that have already been sent to Uphance. For orders with a "Ready to Send" status, the "Save" button was never selected to finalize the order.

For the orders with an "Incomplete" status, no products were added. We can edit the orders and add products later. Orders that have been sent will typically display "Sent to Uphance”.

Identifying Orders from Mobile Devices

You can tell which orders are received from mobile devices by going to your Sales Order screen on your PC (not your mobile device). These Sales Orders will have a mobile device icon next to the Status state.

Unconfirming/Unlocking Sales Orders

If you confirmed a Sales Order and wish to Unconfirm/Unlock it so that you can make changes, you may do so from your Mobile App if there are no associated Invoices or Pick Tickets created against them.

To “Unconfirm/Unlock a Sales Order on your Mobile App

  1. Navigate to your Sales History Page from the app menu.

  2. Click on the Sales Order number you want to Unconfirm/Unlock.

  3. Click the "Unconfirm & unlock order." button located at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Edit your Sales Order and re-confirm.

Mobile App Support

Uphance provides support directly from the Mobile Sales App.

  1. From any of your screens, click the "+" sign at the bottom-right of the app to bring up the Help Desk chat prompt.

  2. Click the Help Desk chat icon (green circle).

From the next screen, you can;

  • Start a New Conversation with our support team.

  • Find an answer yourself through our Knowledge Articles.

  • Schedule a free training session.

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