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How to Integrate Bergen Logistics With Uphance
How to Integrate Bergen Logistics With Uphance

How to integrate Bergen Logistics with Uphance

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Managing order fulfillment and inventory logistics is one of the most stressful parts of running a business. But it doesn’t have to be.

Integrating Uphance with Bergen Logistics relieves you of that stress.

In this guide, we will show you how to seamlessly integrate Uphance with Bergen Logistics to enjoy smoother order fulfillment and better manage your inventory.

Adding Bergen Logistics App

The first step to integrating Uphance with Bergen is adding the app to your dashboard app tray. To do so, log in to your Uphance account and click the Apps button like so:

Upon clicking, you will see a list of installed apps on your Uphance account in the My apps section. Bergen won’t be on that page, not unless you’ve added it before.

To add Bergen, click the All apps tab right at the top:

After clicking, scroll down a little until you locate Bergen Logistics. Once you have, click the Add button.

Clicking the button will add Bergen to your app tray and automatically redirect you to the My apps page. This is where you get to configure Bergen. Click the Configure button to start.

Configuring Bergen Logistics

Upon clicking the Bergen Logistics app, you will be redirected to your default warehouse page. In our case, it’s the Spring warehouse:

You can always switch to another warehouse or add another one by clicking the Add another warehouse tab just at the top.

Using Bergen Staging API

When you add Bergen to Uphance, you will want to do some testing to ensure the credentials you got from Bergen to be sure everything is working fine.

To do so, you need to click the Use Bergen Staging API checkbox.

Clicking the checkbox automatically creates a staging environment. This means any change you make won't reflect in your account, as they are only done for testing purposes.

Send Pick Tickets Automatically

When you get a new order from a customer and create a pick ticket for it, you will want to send it automatically to Bergen for the fulfilment process to start. Sending pick tickets automatically to Bergen helps reduce errors, improving your order delivery process.

To automatically send pick tickets to Bergen, you have to enable this feature by clicking the Send pick tickets automatically checkbox.

Send Receiving Tickets Automatically

When your manufacturer sends out a new production order, you will get this notification in Uphance as receiving tickets, which will come into Bergen as an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN).

For this notification to come into Bergen automatically, you need to check the Send receiving tickets automatically checkbox.

Selecting Your Preferred Bergen Warehouse

If your inventory is spread across multiple Bergen warehouses, you can select your preferred warehouse from the Bergen warehouse dropdown.

Style Master Setup

While configuring the Bergen app, it's important to ensure that each product season has a matching EAN.

To do so, click the STYLE MASTER SETUP button, as seen in the screenshot above.

Upon clicking the button, you will see this interface:

There are a few things you will want to do on this page. One is to pick the channel you would like to sync with Bergen.

To do so, click the dropdown menu as shown below:

After selecting your preferred channel, also select your preferred pricing to send to Bergen. To do so, click the adjourning dropdown menu to the right. There are three pricing options to choose from:

  • Price to Send

  • WSP (Wholesale Price)

  • MSRP (Manufacturer's suggested retail price)

N.B: You can always change your product prices by navigating to Product information>>Product>>Variations.

After that, check the Season column to see if any season has a missing EAN.

If a season has a missing EAN, you will need to add it by navigating to Product information >> Products to add the EAN.

If the EANs are intact, click the Add & Update button.

You can learn more about managing your EAN and UPC codes here.

Scheduling Incoming Data

Uphance gives you the option of scheduling your incoming data (Shipment status, Receiving status, and Stock reconciliation) weekly or daily. You can even add schedule times if you want.

Here's a breakdown of these three incoming data statuses:

Shipment Status

When a customer orders a product from your store and you initiate fulfilment, Bergen will send the shipment information. This shipment information will contain the order tracking number, shipment number, customer details, etc.

This shipping information will come into your Uphance account as Shipment status.

You can schedule this Shipment status to come in daily, weekly, and at particular hours of the day.

Receiving Status

When you work with Bergen as a 3PL provider, your inventory will be kept in Bergen's warehouse.

Now, when your manufacturer/supplier sends out your shipment/inventory and it arrives at the Bergen warehouse, the shipment notification will come in Uphance as a Receiving status.

Stock Reconciliation

Stock reconciliation comes in useful when you want to check if the inventory record in Uphance matches what you have in Bergen.

It's best to run stock reconciliation weekly. If you must run it every day, do so at the end close of work when business operations are at the lowest.

Retrieving Data Manually

Let's say you scheduled your incoming data (shipment and receiving statuses) to come in every week. Then an emergency comes up and you need to retrieve your incoming data immediately and can't wait an extra second.

Thankfully, Uphance allows you to retrieve your data manually.

To do so, all you have to do is click the Download Files button.

This feature also comes in handy when you want to do some troubleshooting.

We recommend you only retrieve data once in a while. Possibly once a week. Doing so repeatedly can lead to errors.

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