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How To Integrate Mintsoft With Uphance
How To Integrate Mintsoft With Uphance
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Integrating Uphance with Mintsoft enables you to take 3PL order fulfillment to a whole new level.

By plugging Mintsoft into your Uphance account, you can automate order fulfillment, warehouse management, and inventory management processes, while channelling your time and energy to growing your business.

What's more, you also get the chance to automatically send pick and receiving tickets for each of your warehouses with a tap of the button.

And many more.

In this guide, you will learn how to link Uphance to your Mintsoft account and how to configure the integration for a smooth experience.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in this guide

  • Adding the Mintsoft App

  • Configuring Mintsoft

  • Style Master Setup

Adding the Mintsoft App

To use Mintsoft, you first need to install the Mintsoft app to your Uphance account. To do so, log in to your Uphance account and scroll to the Apps section.

Since you haven’t added Mintsoft before, you will have to click the All apps tab.

Upon clicking, you will see the Mintsoft app when you scroll down the page a little. When you finally find Mintsoft, click the Add button.

Once you click that button, you will see a modal popup asking you to confirm your request while also displaying the cost of Mintsoft and the subscription period. Finish up the installation process by clicking the Add App button.

Configuring Mintsoft

After installing the Mintsoft app, the next step is to configure it properly to ensure it works fine. To initiate the configuration process, locate the Mintsoft app from the My apps page and then click the Configure button.

Upon clicking the button, you will be automatically redirected to the Mintsoft integration page.

Testing Your Connection

Once the Mintsoft configuration page opens, the very first thing you will see is the settings page. This is where you can test your Uphance-Mintsoft connection to be sure everything is working fine.

Enter your Mintsoft API username and password in the appropriate fields, including your EAN 12-digit number.

Once you are done, click the Test Connection button.

Send pick tickets automatically

Uphance allows you to automatically send pick tickets to Mintsoft once you create a sales order for shipment. Doing so ensures the order fulfillment process starts almost immediately after you receive an order from a customer.

To enable this feature, simply click the Send pick tickets automatically checkbox.

Send receiving tickets automatically

You also have the option of sending production order tickets to Mintsoft automatically. This means once your manufacturer ships out your products to your 3PL warehouse provider, Mintsoft automatically gets the ticket.

To enable this feature, click the Send receiving tickets automatically checkbox.

Send pick and receiving tickets from a particular warehouse

What if you have multiple warehouses and want to send pick or receiving tickets from just one of them?

To do so, select the warehouse you want to pick tickets from and then Save Changes.

Matching Uphance warehouse with Mintsoft location label

Got a warehouse you manage in Uphance you would like to match with the Mintsoft location label?

Select the warehouse and then enter the matching label in the adjourning field.

If you don’t see the warehouse you had in mind, click the Add an option link as shown above.

Outgoing Data

When sending product data to Mintsoft, you have to ensure that every product in a season has an accurate EAN/UPC code.

This is where the Style Master Setup comes into play.

To initiate this process, click the Style Master Setup button.

Upon clicking, you will see a list of product seasons waiting to be sent to Mintsoft.

Want to create a new season? Learn how to go about it here.

To upload a season to Mintsoft, click the vertical Ellipsis icon on the right.

Upon clicking, you will see a flyout box that displays the number of products in the season waiting to be uploaded to Mintsoft. Click it to automatically upload the products to Mintsoft.

Do the same for all the Seasons to complete the process.

When you are done, hit the back arrow icon to go back to the Mintsoft configuration page.

Scheduling Incoming Data

With Uphance, you can schedule incoming data from Mintsoft daily or weekly. You can also reconcile and adjust stocks.

Shipped status and returns

When a customer orders a product from your store and Mintsoft ships it out, you will get the shipment details as Shipped status and returns in Uphance.

This shipment information usually contains the order tracking number, shipment number, customer details, etc.

You can schedule this incoming data daily or weekly.

Reconciliation and stock adjustments

Reconciliation and stock adjustments come in handy when the stock you have in Uphance doesn’t match what you have in Mintsoft.

The reconciliation and stock adjustments feature helps to sort out this discrepancy. You can schedule this reconciliation daily or weekly.

Check in production orders and deliveries

When your supplier/manufacturer ships out your production order to your 3PL warehouse, you will get the shipping details as Check in production orders and deliveries in Uphance.

You can also schedule this incoming data however you want.

There may be times when you want to check shipment status, check in production orders, and reconcile stock levels manually without waiting for the schedule.

To do so, all you have to do is to click on the Download files button.

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