How to Set Up Default Shipping Carriers

How to set up default carriers for a channel

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When setting up your account, it’s important to set your default carrier for each channel and country of destination.

Doing so helps to avoid potential shipping errors. It also saves you the trouble of always selecting a shipping carrier each time you want to fulfill an order.

Thankfully, Uphance allows you to set default carriers for all your sales channels. You can set carriers based on an order’s destination (country) and your customer’s preferred shipping service (regular or expedited shipping).

Setting the Default Carrier for a channel

To set your preferred carrier for all e-commerce orders, navigate to Settings >> Shipping

Upon clicking the Shipping button, you will see the Carrier page. Scroll down a bit until you see the Default Carrier section.

To set a default carrier, select your target channel, country, carrier, and service. You can always cancel a row selection by clicking the X button. You can also add more carrier options by clicking the Add more link.

When you are done, hit the Save Changes button.

Overriding a Default Carrier

You can always override a default carrier when fulfilling a sales or production order.

For example, to change the default carrier for a sales order, open the order. Then beneath the Carrier section, select your preferred carrier.

Upon clicking, a modal box would appear. Select your preferred carrier from the box to override the default carrier you had previously selected.

Changing Carrier for Picked Tickets

You can also change carriers for picked tickets. To do so, select the pick ticket you would like to adjust from a sales order.

Alternatively, navigate to Orders Management >> Pick & Pack

Then pick a ticket from the right-hand pane.

After that, click the edit icon like so:

Upon clicking, you will see a modal popup box show up on your screen. In the box, select your preferred shipping carrier and service for the pick ticket.

When you are done, click the Update Shipment button.

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