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Showroom Custom Domain Setup
Showroom Custom Domain Setup
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When you set up a Showroom in Uphance, it will have a generic domain URL.

For example, if your brand goes by the name “awesome” and you set up a showroom in Uphance, the showroom will have the URL below:

Now, that URL might be too ugly for your liking. Even if it isn’t, your customers might not find it appealing.

Lucky for you, Uphance makes it easy to use a custom domain for your showroom.

Are there benefits to using a custom domain for your showroom? Definitely!

Why You Should Use a Custom Domain

  • To establish credibility. Using a custom domain makes it easier for your customers to trust you.

  • Helps improve branding.

  • Improves visibility on Google and other search engines

How to Set Up a Custom Domain

To set up a custom domain, log in to your Uphance dashboard and navigate to Apps >> Showroom >> Configure.

Upon clicking the Configure button, you will see this page:

Enter your custom URL in the Custom domain input field. You can call it

So if your domain is “” for example, your showroom URL becomes:

When you are done, hit the Save Changes button at the top right corner. And you are done.

Adding the CNAME Record In Your Webhost

For the showroom custom domain URL to work well, you have to create a CNAME and point it to

How you add the CNAME record depends on the hosting provider you use. Here are the guides for popular hosting solutions:

If your web host isn't listed here, reach out to your hosting provider for help.

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