How to Create Backorder Document
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Managing backorders is one of the most challenging parts of running an apparel retail business online.

Put simply, backorders are orders you are yet to ship to your customers. Sending backorder documents to your customers lets them see pending orders you intend to deliver in the future.

Uphance lets you create backorder documents quickly with a few taps of the button. And you can create them for a customer or for an order. Here's how to go about it.

Steps to Generating a Backorder Document for a Customer

Step 1: Open the customer profile you wish to create the backorder document for. To do so, navigate to Customer Relationship >> Customers.

Then pick a customer.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Sales History section. Once there, click the Documents button, followed by the download icon like so:

Upon clicking, the document will open in a new tab on your browser as PDF. But if you wish to email it instead of downloading it, click the email icon.

Steps to Generating a Backorder Document for a Sales Order

Step 1: Open the order you want to generate a backorder document for. To do so, navigate to Order Management >> Sales Orders. Then click on the order number to open the interface below

Step 2: Generate the backorder document by clicking the document icon button like so:

Upon clicking, you will see a list of dropdown options. Then click on the Backordered download icon as shown above.

But if you will rather send it to a customer than download it, click the email icon.

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