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How to Use the Document Designer
How to Use the Document Designer
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Customizing your business documents, including invoices, line sheets, tech packs, order confirmation, etc., just got easier, thanks to our document designer feature.

Thankfully, the document designer is intuitive, making it very easy to use. In this article, we will show you the steps to using it.

Step 1: Launch the document designer

To launch the document designer, log in to your account, navigate to Settings >> Document Designer

Step 2: Pick a document

Upon launching the document designer, you will see a list of editable documents you can customize using the document designer. These include Line Sheet, Tech Pack, Compact Order, etc.

Pick the document you would like to customize. For this example, we will be customizing the purchase order document.

Step 3: Create a template and start customizing

After selecting the document you will want to edit, the next thing you will want to do is to create a template by copying the existing standard template.

To do so, click the Copy button to copy the template. Select your preferred language and save.

After copying the template, click the Edit button on the copied template, give the template a name (optional), and then click the pencil edit icon to launch the document designer interface.

Once the interface opens, you can move elements around, duplicate, and delete them. You can also edit the content of each element.

If you make a mistake, hit the Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z on the Mac) to undo it. Once you are done, click the Save button.

And now you have a template for creating all your purchase order documents.

The process is the same for other documents.

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