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How to Connect Pennylane to Uphance
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When linking Pennylane with Uphance, the initial step involves setting up an API connector from Pennylane. Then complete the connection by following the steps below:

Step 1: Add the Pennylane App to your account. To do so, navigate to Apps >> All Apps >> Pennylane

But if you’ve added Pennylane before, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Configure the connection. After adding the Pennylane app, the next thing you will want to do is to test the connection. To do so, input your API key and hit the Test Connection button.

A popup will confirm a successful connection.

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After testing the connection, configure the app based on the specific needs of your organization.

In the Delay in Minutes field under the Schedule heading, specify the timing for importing transactions into Pennylane. Note that the timing should be in minutes. Using "0" triggers an immediate reflection, while using "02" would delay the import by 2 minutes.

The parameters below explain how revenue sources are managed in Pennylane:

These steps shed light on how

  • Product transactions are associated with the Invoice-Inventory account, specifically the Line Item account.

  • Services transactions are linked to an account dedicated to other service-related deals.

  • Shipping costs are tied to an account that displays the shipping fees applied to orders.

Additional steps to take after connecting Pennylane

There are some mandatory steps you need to take after connecting Pennylane. They are as follows:

1. Set your VAT rate.

Pennylane only accepts VAT rates which are shown below:

To set your VAT rate, navigate to Settings >> Invoicing >> Tax Rate. Click the VAT edit icon and input the Code. Ensure it matches with any of the values in the screenshot above.

When you are done, click the Update Tax Rate button.

2. Set Your Payment Terms

The last important step is to set your payment terms, which must match any of the values stipulated by Pennylane as displayed below:

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To set the payment term, while still on the Invoicing page, scroll down a bit to Payment Terms, input the terms Pennylane provided you with and hit the Create Payment Term button.

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