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How to Fix Shopify Order Not Syncing to Uphance
How to Fix Shopify Order Not Syncing to Uphance
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There are times you will notice that orders from your Shopify store aren't syncing to Uphance. When this happens, orders made in your Shopify store will not reflect in your Uphance account.

If you notice this, you can fix the problem by following the steps below:

Step 1: Receiving a notification in Uphance

If a product isn't correctly linked to Uphance, you will be notified about it. The notification looks something like this.

This is to tell you that although this product is in Shopify, it is not in Uphance yet so won't be able to track the order. It could also mean that the product is in Uphance but it is wrongly connected to Shopify.

Step 2: Look for the order in Shopify

With the Shopify order number copied (1047 in this example), head over to your Shopify store, open Orders, and input the order number you just copied.

Open the order and you will see all the products attached to it. In this case, there are three oversized T-shirt dresses of different colors in this order. Then click on each of the products, and copy their SKU number or EAN and Shopify ID number.

The Shopify ID number is the number after the "products" string in the URL of the product.

Step 3: Check for the product in Uphance

The third step is to check if the product(s) is in Uphance and is linked correctly.

To do so, log in to your Uphance account and navigate to Product Information >> SKU.

Alternatively, search for the product for the product using the product name.

You should see the product come up. But if you didn't, it means it hasn't been added to your Uphance account yet, so you need to add it.

Step 4: Check if it is connected to Shopify

Once you've located the product in Uphance, the next thing you will want to do is check if it is connected to Shopify. To do so, with the product still opened, click the e-Commerce tab.

If it is connected, you will see this:

As you can see, the Shopify Product ID is clearly showing.

But if the product isn't connected, you will see this instead:

Note: If the product in Shopify is connected to the wrong product in Uphance, you will have to disconnect it by clicking the Disconnect all button as shown in the screenshot above.

To connect the product to Shopify, click the connect to an existing Shopify product link as highlighted above. Upon clicking, you will see this:

Enter the Shopify product ID and then click the Connect button.

If the product has several variations, click the connect to multiple Shopify products link. Next, enter the product ID for each product variation (Blue and Red in this case).

Click the Save button when you are done and the product will be connected to Shopify.

Step 5: Pull your orders from Shopify

After connecting your product to Shopify, the next you will want to do is pull your orders from Shopify into Uphance to ensure accurate tracking and management of orders.

To do so, navigate to Apps >> Shopify >> Configure. This will take you to the Shopify configuration page. Scroll down and click the Pull Orders button.

You should now be able to see all your orders from Shopify by navigating to Order Management >> Sales Orders. Orders fulfilled via Shopify will have a Shopify logo appended to them.

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