How to Perform a Stocktake
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Performing regular stocktakes on your inventory is crucial for a smooth business operation.

It gives you an accurate overview of your stock on hand, allowing you to see products that are still available and those that have been stolen, damaged, or sold even though your system is reporting them as available.

Thankfully, Uphance allows you to perform an accurate stocktake on your inventory, and in this help document we will show you the steps to go about it.

Step 1: Initiate the stocktake process

To initiate the stocktake process, simply navigate to Inventory Management >> Product Inventory. Then click the Stocktake tab.

To start a new stocktake process, click the New Stocktake button at the top right corner. If you've done one before and wish to edit it, locate it and click the pencil edit icon next to it.

Upon clicking the New Stocktake button, select the warehouse where you want to perform the stocktake. Also, select the brand and product category (optional).

Note: You can select multiple brands and product categories at a time.

Step 2: Scan your bins and products

If you initiate a new stocktake, the next thing you will want to do is scan the bin and the products in each bin.

You will need a handheld scanner for this. Start by scanning the bin location barcode. Then scan the products inside the bin. You should see something like this:

As for product count, you can adjust it in two ways: one is by scanning the product n times. So if you have 5 pieces of it, you scan it five times. The second method is to input the product count manually like so:

Step 3: Review the stocktake

When you are done scanning the bins and products, the next step review the stocktake you just performed.

Note: If you don't have the time to review the stocktake at the moment or wish to continue at a later time, click the Save button. Otherwise, click the Next button to continue.

On this page, you will see the number SKUs you scanned as well as the total unit of products scanned. Next, hit the Next button.

Step 4: Complete the stocktake

Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the stocktake completion page. On this page, you will see the SKUs(products) that were initially in the bin but you didn't scan while taking stock.

In this illustration, there are 3 SKUs containing 35 product units we didn't scan. This means that even though these SKUs are registered in the system, they aren't in your warehouse at the moment you did the stocktake.

Keep in mind that the SKUs you see here are from the same bin location that was scanned previously (C1-01-03). Unregistered SKU from other bin locations won't show here.

We have two options: Update the unscanned SKUs (by clicking the toggle button) or leave them as they are.

If you update the unscanned SKUs, their unit count will be automatically set to zero, meaning they will delisted from the system. But if you don't, the SKUs will be left untouched, hence still registered in the system.

Finally, click the Complete Stocktake button. Doing so will bring up this modal popup

Hit the Yes button to complete the stocktake process.

Performing Stocktake Without Using Bins

What if you don't use bins in your warehouse and want to perform a stocktake? Is it possible to turn off bins? Yes, it is.

Uphance allows you to take stock of your products without putting them into bins. To do so, you would have to turn off Inventory Bins for the specific warehouse you want to perform the stock take.

To do that, navigate to Settings >> Inventory.

Locate the target warehouse (Spring warehouse in this example) and click the edit icon. Next, disable Inventory Bins.

Then update.

Now when you perform a stocktake, it won't have the Bin location column.

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