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How to Create a Bulk Payment
How to Create a Bulk Payment
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Bulk payment is one of our latest additions that enables you to create payments for multiple unpaid invoices in one go.

In other words, if you have several unpaid invoices for a customer, you can create a bulk payment for them with a few taps of the mouse.

To create a bulk payment:

Step 1: Open the customer's invoices

To open the customer's invoices, navigate the Customer Relationship >> Customers. Then pick the target customer and scroll down to the Invoices section.

Step 2: Create the bulk payment

Click the Bulk Payment button. Enter the payment amount, select the payment source, pick a payment date and enter a payment reference (optional). When you are done, hit the Next button.

On the next page, you will notice that the payment has been applied to the first two unpaid invoices.

For instance, in this example, we made a bulk payment of $1000. $468.25 of that payment was used to settle the first invoice (Invoice #826). The balance ($531.75) was applied to the second invoice with an outstanding value of $1662, bringing it down to $1120.25

Finally, click the Apply Payment button. You will notice that the total invoice value, which was initially $2,120.25, has dropped to $1,120.25 after the bulk payment was applied.

And with that, you have successfully created a bulk payment for the invoice.

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