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How to Create a Production Order

Build a production order for your supplier/manufacturer

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An Overview of Production Orders

When you're ready to enter your production phase, Uphance lets you build a production order and suggest the correct quantities of products in order to cover your customer orders.

Uphance tracks the total quantities in your production orders, lets you receive inventory from your manufacturers in stages and keeps track of how much production you have still to receive. Uphance can also tell you how much excess production you have available to sell as defined in your Inventory Reports.

How Production Orders Impact Your Inventory

Production orders have the same workflow as sales orders. They start as drafts, where they are unconfirmed. This is where you can add products and edit product quantities. After confirmation, quantities can be received into stock by creating "delivery" records. Finally, a production order becomes complete when all quantities are received into stock from your manufacturer or cancelled.  

Note that until a production order is confirmed, it won't affect the quantities reported as "required" or "available to sell" in the relevant inventory reports.  

How to Create a Production Order (Non-Production Batch)

To create a production order, navigate to Production/Purchasing >> Production Order. Then click Actions >> New Production Order. Next, enter all required information and create the production order.

Now you've created the draft production order, the next step is to add products to it. To do so, follow the steps illustrated below:

Note: After adding products and saving changes, Uphance will automatically confirm the production order.

Once you've added products to your production order, you can proceed to create a vendor's invoice, payment, credit notes, etc.

How to Add Notes to Production Orders

Want to add a note or some sort of instructions for your manufacturer to follow? You can easily do that as shown below:

How to Download The Production Order as PDF

After creating the production order, you can generate a PDF document for it and download it as a detailed or compact order.

For detailed order, the images for each product will be added to the document. For compact orders, only the order details, excluding images, will be added.

Note: You can email the document directly to your manufacturer without needing to download it.

How to Email Production Order With Attachment

You can choose to email the production order to your supplier without having to first download it. All you have to do is click the mail icon instead of the download icon.

In addition, you can add an attachment to the email prior to sending it. Click here to learn how to add an attachment.

Creating Cancellations for Production Orders

Like sales orders, you can also create cancellations for your production orders. Plus, you have the option of adding a note to the cancellation.

Interestingly, you can edit the note even after creating the cancellation:

Deleting a Production Order

You can easily delete production orders that are still in draft mode. However, for completed or confirmed production orders, you'd have to delete all cutting tickets, cancellations, and invoices connected to the order.

To delete a production order, simply scroll to the bottom and click the Delete button.

List of Production Orders

For a listing of all of your Production Orders, select "Production Orders" from your main, left vertical menu.  From here you can search, sort, filter or navigate to your Purchase Orders.  You can also see a summary of your Due Dates for any Production Orders that are due.  You can also see how much of the order has been "received".  You can see the Season associated with the Production Order and you can see the Status of the Production Order.  The blue column headers allow you to sort in ascending or descending order.

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