Production Orders

Build a production order for your supplier/manufacturer

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Production Orders

When you're ready to enter your production phase, Uphance lets you build a production order and suggest the correct quantities to products in order to cover your customer orders.

Uphance tracks the total quantities in your production orders, lets you receive inventory from your manufacturers in stages and keeps track of how much production you have still to receive. Uphance can also tell you how much excess production you have available to sell as defined in your Inventory Reports.

Confirming Your Order & Impacts on Inventory

Production orders travel through a similar workflow to customer orders. They start in a draft, unconfirmed state where you can add products and edit quantities. After confirmation, quantities can be received into stock by creating a number of "delivery" records. Finally, a production order becomes complete when all quantities are received into stock or cancelled.  

Note that until a production order is confirmed, it won't have an effect on the quantities reported as "required" or "available to sell" in the relevant inventory reports.  

Verify Manufacturers

It's a good opportunity to validate you have your Manufacturers setup correctly.  Once you create a Production Order and you realize you had the incorrect currency within your Manufacturers profile, you will have to delete the Production Order and recreate it in order to get it corrected.  Your Manufacturers are locating on Contacts>Manufactures from your left main vertical menu.

Production Orders for Services

Currently, Production Orders for services will be created only from the Production Batches.  See our Production Orders for Batches Knowledge Article for more information.

Creating a Production Order for Raw Materials (Non-Production Batch)

  1. Click on Production Order from your left, main vertical menu.

  2. Click on the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen to add a production order.

  3. Select your Manufacturer, Season, Warehouse, Label and Due Date.

  4. If the Production Order is just for your inventory, select Standard.

  5. If the Production Order is to fill a specific Customer Sales Order, click By Sales Order.  If you select by Sales Orders, you can then specify which customer orders you want to associate that Product with.

  6. Click the Create Production Order button.

You'll be redirected to your newly created, empty production order.

Adding Products to your Production Order

You can manually add products to your order by clicking the "add products" link but usually you'll want to add the quantities required to cover your sales orders. To do this:

  • Click the "Add Required" button in the top right. This will open the "Add required quantities" dialog. This dialog shows you the required production quantities for products associated with this manufacturer.

Click "Add Quantities".

  • View and optionally amend the quantities added to the production order.

  • You'll notice that the "Add Quantities" button has altered to "Nothing required" as Uphance takes into account quantities in tentative, unconfirmed production orders when suggesting production quantities.

From this point you can setup various attributes of your production order accordingly. For example, you can set a tax level, delivery contact, delivery address etc.

Updating Your Order Before Confirmation

From this point you can setup various attributes of your production order accordingly. For example, you can set a tax level, delivery contact, delivery address etc.

When you've finished adding quantities, click the "Confirm" button to confirm the order.

Generate a production order PDF

Use the "Documents" drop-down to generate a production order PDF that you can send to your manufacturer.

Products will be listed in the "Display Order".  See Product>Setup for more information. 

List of Production Orders

For a listing of all of your Production Orders, select "Production Orders" from your main, left vertical menu.  From here you can search, sort, filter or navigate to your Purchase Orders.  You can also see a summary of your Due Dates for any Production Orders that are due.  You can also see how much of the order has been "received".  You can see the Season associated with the Production Order and you can see the Status of the Production Order.  The blue column headers allow you to sort in ascending or descending order.

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