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How to Create Channels
How to Create Channels

Set different pricing streams for your products

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An Overview Channels

Channels allow you to set different pricing streams for your products. For example, if you sell your products mostly to wholesale customers but have some private clients, you can define two pricing structures by creating a channel for each type of sale. Later, you can segment your reports, dashboard and other areas of Uphance by channel.

How to Create a Channel

Navigate to Settings > Channels & Currencies. After that, take the following steps:

Step #1: Click the plus icon at the top right corner. This will bring up the new channel form:

Step #2: Enter the name of the channel. You can call it whatever you want and change it later.

Step #3: Select a currency. This is the currency that all sales associated with this channel will be billed. After creating the channel, you will be able to configure pricing for your products in this currency. Keep in mind that you cannot change a channel's currency later. Finally, select the channel group and click the Create Channel button.

Step #4: Configure the currency channel. Upon clicking the Create Channel button, you will be taken to the channel configuration page. Configure the channel accordingly and update.

Setting Channel Pricing

You can price your products separately for each of your channels. When you edit your product's variations, you'll see fields for entering wholesale (WSP) and MSRP/RRP pricing for each channel.

The following screenshot shows a product variation screen with four channels: 

  1. Wholesale USD Channel

  2. Wholesale EUR Channel

  3. eCommerce USD

  4. Retail USD

For each channel, the wholesale (WSP) price is the price you are charging customers. The MSRP price is used to optionally provide suggested retail pricing on certain paperwork (delivery notes, line sheets etc.)  If you click in the MSRP column, you actually get recommended amounts based on your total cost.  For more details, see our Product Variation documentation.

Editing Channels

After you created a Channel and  you want to make a change (e.g. hide it or rename it):

  1. Navigate to the Settings page

  2. Select Channels & Currency

  3. Locate your Channel

  4. Click on the edit icon (pencil) at the end of the row

  5. Make your change

  6. Click Update Channel when you are ready to save.

Pick Tickets

Uphance provides an option to create pick tickets automatically for your 3rd Party Providers (e.g. Shopify) when an Order is placed or when you manually enter a Sales Order. To have your Pick Tickets created automatically,

  1. From within your Channel, click the checkbox next to "Create pick ticket automatically". 

  2. Click Update Channel.

If this field remains unchecked, you will need to create the Pick Tickets manually. Creating Pick Tickets does not "ship" the products.  You will need to create Shipments when you are ready to ship.

Entering Your Bank Details

If you are using channels to sell in an alternative currency or through a subsidiary business, you will probably want to customize the bank details printed on invoices. This is easy to achieve on a per-channel basis. To do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Channels.

  • Click the edit icon to edit the desired channel.

  • Enter the bank details.

  • Update

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