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How to Configure Your Showroom Settings
How to Configure Your Showroom Settings

Setting up your Showroom

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Setting up your Showroom allows your customers to view your products online.  Your Showroom is your online marketing and ordering tool for your online retail or eCommerce store.   

This page will guide you through setting up and previewing your Showroom. It assumes you already have a season containing at least one product to list on your Showroom.

Showroom Settings

To configure your Showroom settings, navigate to Apps >> Showroom. Then click the Configure button.

(Figure 1). 

On the Showroom Configuration screen, you will be presented with an opportunity to customize your Buyer's shopping experience.

The top portion of the configuration screen relates to your URL, brand name and logos (Figure 2).  

You will want to upload a brand logo for your store as this is the first thing your Buyers (and potential Buyers) will see when they access your Showroom.  The logo represents your brand.  The image uploaded will be resized to fit in a 4:3 (portrait) ratio space. You can preview how your logo looks before saving your settings to your live store.  (See "Enable" And "Disable" Showroom below).

Store brand name

Enter the name of your brand as it should appear in your Showroom. By default, Uphance will use your company name as set in your general settings.  The Store brand name will be displayed beside your logo.

Store URL

If you do not already have an online presence for your retail or wholesale site, you can create a URL here.  Your Uphance URL will be plus whatever you put into this field.  If you do not specify anything in this field, you (and your Buyers) will need to browse for and select your Store from a list of all other Uphance stores.  As such, we recommend you type something in this field.  As an example, if you type "Boutique", then your URL will be   

Also, if you do not complete this field, your URL may also show something like when you navigate to it.

Custom Domain

If you already have an online presence and would prefer to use your own URL, you can use this Custom Domain field. While your store will still be listed under the Uphance URL (, you can add Uphance as a subdomain under your existing domain. To make it work on your existing domain:

  1.  Add a "CNAME" record with a "host" called "" to your DNS table.  If you do not know how to add a CNAME record to your website, contact your Internet Service Provider directly.  Your ISP will list the URL as  

  2. Allow 24 hours for your new domain host's DNS settings to take effect.

  3. Then type the custom domain name you want in the Custom Domain field below as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2:


Add a description for your Store.  The description will provide additional information for your Buyers about what type of products you sell.  It is the "opening statement" that will entice them to visit your store.  If you sell formal wear as an example and they are looking for formal wear, your description will confirm for them that this is the Store that may help them find what they are looking for (Figure 3).  The description will be displayed on your Store at the top left near your logo and brand.

Figure 3

Detailed Configuration

The last section contains detailed configurations that control what your customers see, how your pricing will be displayed and how your inventory will be displayed.  (Figure 4).

Figure 4:

Allow other Retailers

The "Allow Other Retailers" settings determine whether you want other buyers to see your products even without signing in or applying to your brand.  They will only be able to view the products.  They will not be able to see pricing, inventory or place orders.

Default Channel

Specify which pricing Channel you want your customers to see. See our Knowledge Article for more information on Channels.

Enable/Disable Showroom

Enable your Showroom when you are ready to enable access to your store for customers.  Disable Showroom to temporarily disable access to your Showroom so that you may test/preview any recent changes/updates before publishing to your customers.

Disabled:  Customers cannot view your store while you are working with it.  Only you can see it when you go to your store's URL.

Enabled:  Customers can view your store.

Available vs. Available from Stock

The Available field shown on the SKU tab is a calculated value.  Available takes the Stock, adds in the Awaiting and subtracts the Committed.  (Available = Stock + Awaiting - Committed).  

The Available from Stock field shown on the SKU tab is also a calculated value. Available from Stock takes the Stock and subtracts the Committed.  (Available from Stock = Stock - Committed).  

Invite All Customers

To invite a customer to your showroom, navigate to Customer Relationship >> Contacts. Locate the customer/contact you like to invite and click the Invite button.

You can always edit how a customer accesses your showroom by clicking the edit icon and updating the login access like so:

Previewing and Testing Your Store

After setting up your showroom, you will want to test and preview it. We recommend inviting yourself as a buyer to your Showroom. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Customer Relationships >> Contact from the left vertical menu.

  2. Click the "+ Invite" button on the top right.

  3. Enter your email address and example company details.

  4. Open the invitation email, and click on the invite link

  5. Enter the details to create a Uphance buyer account.

Previewing Your Store

To preview your newly setup store, click the preview button as illustrated below:

How to Adjust the Display Order For Your Showroom Collections

By default, collections (seasons) are displayed based on when they were created. For example, the EDI collection was created first, hence it appears first among other collections in our test showroom.

You can easily change this display simply by dragging and positioning it wherever you want.

The updated showroom will look like this:

Note: Seasons are the same as Collections in Uphance. In fact, Collections are created from your product seasons.

Adding products to your store

Follow the instructions in Managing Showroom Products to add your first collection of products to your Showroom.

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