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Managing Seasons/Collections and Product Banners on Your B2B Platform
Managing Seasons/Collections and Product Banners on Your B2B Platform

Learn how to add seasons and products for your buyers

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When you set up your B2B platform on Uphance, all the products you push to the platform will be grouped into collections. Collections are simply the seasons you create in your account.

For example, if you have a season called Summer1, you can make it appear in your platform as a collection called Summer1, too. But you can give it a different name if you want.

In this document, we will show you how to manage these collections, as well as product banners, effortlessly.

How to Add Collections To Your B2B Platform

To add a season as a collection, simply navigate to Settings >> Seasons. Locate the season and click the edit icon. Then click the Show in B2B Platform checkbox to make it visible.

Finally, give the collection a name. It can be anything. If you don't give it a name, Uphance will use the same name for the season.

Once you are done, click the Update Season name. Upon clicking, the season will appear on your platform as a collection:

And like that, you've successfully added a collection to your B2B Platform.

How to Give Collection Access to Buyers

Uphance allows you to regulate how buyers access collections on your platform. This means you can decide which buyer has access to a specific collection and which doesn't.

To grant all buyers access to your collection, simply click the Grant Access to All Buyers button as illustrated below:

What if you only want to give access to only a select set of buyers instead of all of them? You can do that too.

To do so, navigate to Customer Relationships >> Contacts. Locate the contact you would like to give/deny Collection access to then click the edit icon.

Finally, check the seasons you would like to give them access to.

Don't forget to update the contact when you are done.

How to Create Banners and Assign Them to Products

Also known as tags, creating product banners enables you to merchandize your products to attract sales on your platform.

For example, you can create a product banner tagged "New arrivals" to capture sales from impulsive buyers. You can also use these banners to entice customers with discounts by creating a banner tagged, say, "50% off clearance sale".

To create a product banner, log in to your dashboard and navigate to Settings >> Tags & Custom Fields. Then add a new banner as shown below:

After creating a banner, the next step is to assign them to your existing products. To do so, navigate to Product Information >> Products. Locate the product you are after, click the Variations tab and assign a banner to it as shown below:

When you open your platform, you will notice that the banner has been added to the product.

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