How to Manage Product eCommerce

Associate your Products with your eCommerce or Showroom

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The eCommerce is where you connect your products to your retail store on Shopify or WooCommerce. It's also where you get to reconcile any inventory mismatch you might experience.

If you have not enabled your Shopify (or WooCommerce) Connections, you will want to do that first. 


See these articles on Shopify before performing the steps for Product Association with your eCommerce and Showroom products explained in this document.


See Documentation for WooCommerce.

Getting Started

  1. Click on the eCommerce Tab.

  2. Select your appropriate Shopify or WooCommerce account tab.

Associating the Uphance Product with the Shopify Product:

As shown below, you are presented with three options:

  1. Create a new product with variations - (Push Strategy) Create one new product in Shopify based on the product configured within Uphance.  So if you have multiple product variations (e.g. colors), it will only create one.

  2. Create multiple products - (Push Strategy) Creates multiple products in Shopify based on the product configured within Uphance.  So if you have multiple product variations, it will create multiple within Shopify.

  3. Connect to an existing Shopify product - (Pull Strategy) Connects an existing product in Shopify to a matching product in Uphance.  (Not recommended except for initial seeding of your Shopify data within Uphance).

Note:  For more information on the Push/Pull Strategies, see our Link Uphance & Shopify Products Knowledge Article.

If you select #1 or #2, you will be prompted with a dialogue box that reads:

"Are you Sure?"  "Do you want to 'Create a new (invisible) product in Shopify?'".  

From here, select Confirm or Cancel.

If you select Connect to an existing Shopify product, you will be presented with this dialogue:

The last digits highlighted in white above represent the product ID within Shopify that you want to link to this Uphance product.

Uphance will inspect the product within Shopify and try to match the Shopify product variants to individual Uphance SKUs by color and size. If your colors and sizes are named differently within your Shopify store, Uphance won't be able to automatically link them and you'll need to manually select the correct Shopify variants using the dropdown menus as shown below:

NOTE:  If you manually create your product within Uphance in order to link it, you may want to give the product the same name.  Uphance allows you to manually type the name of your product and if you are naming it something different in your Shopify, you may not be able to recognize them when browsing through your Seasons/Collections in either system.  See also "Bulk Upload".

If you have multiple Shopify products represented by a single product within Uphance, enter the first Shopify product ID using the steps above. Uphance will link all variations to the first Shopify ID, but you'll then be able to update each Uphance variation with the correct, individual Shopify product ID.

You will know they are both link correctly when you see the ATS From Stock quantity and Live Shopify Stock Level quantity correctly reflected for your product and variant instead of the words "not linked" as shown above.

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