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How to Integrate WooCommerce and Process Orders Via Uphance
How to Integrate WooCommerce and Process Orders Via Uphance

A detailed guide for users looking to integrate WooCommerce and start processing orders via Uphance.

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Integrating WooCommerce with Uphance will ultimately help store owners spend less time navigating the WooCommerce admin dashboard and leverage advanced inventory and order management capabilities. More importantly, if you have multiple WooCommerce stores, integrating with Uphance will allow you to manage all stores without having to log in to multiple platforms.

Integrating WooCommerce With Uphance

You can integrate WooCommerce with Uphance in two simple steps:

Step 1: Add the WooCommerce app

To do this, navigate to Apps >> All Apps >> WooCommerce. Then add.

Step 2: Configure the installation

Once you've added the app, the next step is to configure it. Begin by first downloading the Uphance connector plugin. After downloading it, upload, install, and activate it on your WordPress website.

Finally, launch the connector plugin, and click the Connect button. Copy the store key it generated, head back to Uphance, paste and connect.

If the connection is successful, you will see the connected status:

And like that, you've successfully integrated WooCommerce with Uphance.

WooCommerce Settings and Configurations

Once your store status is Connected, you’ll need to configure the connection in the SETTINGS section.

Here, you can select the channel you want to use for pricing in WooCommerce. This will most likely be the Retail Channel. In addition, you can select the warehouse from which you will pick items for fulfillment, the Quantities to sync to WooCommerce (Available and Available from stock) and also the Stock to sync.

Furthermore, it's here you get to set the size and color field in WooCommerce. For instance, if you called it "Product color" in WooCommerce, you have to set it likewise here.

Another additional configuration you can set up here is setting the WooCommerce status sync. Essentially, any order status (like pending, failed, processing, etc.) you want to sync from WooCommerce to Uphance, you can set it here.

When you are done with the settings configuration, hit the Save Changes button.

Sending Products & Product Updates to WooCommerce

There are two ways to send products to WooCommerce:

Method 1: Send the products in bulk

For this method, select the brand, the season, and then the channel and push to WooCommerce. If you have the products already in WooCommerce, you will have to Update Products. Otherwise, Create Products.

Method 2: Send the products individually

The second method for sending products to WooCommerce is doing so individually. Pick a product, open the eCommerce tab and push it to WooCommerce.

Bringing/Pulling Orders From WooCommerce

Use this only if you do not have any products in Uphance already. If you already have these products in Uphance, this will likely result in duplicates.

To pull products or orders from WooCommerce, select the season for published products and the season for unpublished products. Tick the available boxes to include prices and inventory(optional). Then click the Bring Products or Pull All Orders button.

Adding a Shipping Carrier

If you have a preferred carrier you would like to use to fulfill WooCommerce orders, you can add it like so:

Pulling a Single Order

If you would rather pull in a single order than all the orders you have in WooCommerce, paste the Order ID link and pull like so:


If you have already linked your products in Uphance with your WooCommerce store, you can enable synchronization to automatically sync changes on either platform. To do this, navigate to the SYNCHRONIZATION tab and click the BEGIN SYNC button to start synchronizing your products and orders.

Filtering WooCommerce Orders

To track and manage all the orders coming from WooCommerce, simply filter for them as shown below:

Order Fulfillment

Once an order is placed on your WooCommerce store, an invoice, payment receipt, and a pick ticket are automatically generated. Order fulfillment via Uphance is based on your pre-configured channel settings. You'll need to ensure that your channel settings are properly configured to automate Order Fulfillment.

Returns Management

When orders are returned via your WooCommerce store, they are synced with your inventory on Uphance automatically. Returns are generally based on your Channel configurations. For instance, if your channel setting is configured to "Automatically Check-In" returns, the stock will be automatically added to your inventory.

Activity Logs

Activity logs on the WooCommerce integration page provide a simple overview of your recent channel activity. For instance, it can provide details of products that you recently pulled from your WooCommerce store. To view activity logs;

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page to the Activity tab.

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