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How to Integrate WooCommerce and Process Orders Via Uphance
How to Integrate WooCommerce and Process Orders Via Uphance

A detailed guide for users looking to integrate WooCommerce and start processing orders via Uphance.

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Integrating WooCommerce with Uphance will ultimately help store owners spend less time navigating the WooCommerce admin dashboard and leverage advanced inventory and order management capabilities. More importantly, if you have multiple WooCommerce stores, integrating with Uphance will allow you to manage all stores without having to log in to multiple platforms.


Update Uphance SKUs: You’ll need to ensure that you’ve updated your SKUs in Uphance before integrating with WooCommerce. This is essential for aligning your SKUs on Uphance with their counterparts on WooCommerce. A good start would be to ensure that your categories and subcategories on Uphance are properly assigned.

Account Information: You need an active plan with Uphance and an account on WooCommerce to proceed with this integration. You'll also need to retrieve a store key from WooCommerce to perform this integration.

How to Integrate WooCommerce and Process Orders Via Uphance

The following steps should effectively help you successfully integrate your WooCommerce store with Uphance.

Download WooCommerce Connector

The WooCommerce integration allows real-time inventory and product data sync between Uphance. Follow these steps to connect one or more WooCommerce stores to Uphance.

  • Navigate to your Uphance dashboard and select Apps from the left-hand side of the page.

  • From your list of apps, click the WooCommerce tab or the Configure button.

  • Scroll to the top of the configurations page and click on 'Download Connector'.

  • Save the connector.

  • The connector is essentially a WordPress plugin you’ll need to install on your WooCommerce store.

Retrieve Your WooCommerce Store Key

To retrieve your store key;

  • Go to your WooCommerce Admin dashboard.

  • From the main menu select Plugins and then Add New.

  • Click on Upload Plugin to proceed. This should allow you to upload the connector you already saved.

  • Select the file that you downloaded from Uphance in the previous step, which should be called

  • Click Install Now to start the installation process.

  • Wait for the Plugin to be installed.

  • On the next screen, click on Activate Plugin.

  • Once activated, locate Bridge Connector in your list of installed plugins.

  • Click on the Settings link to go to the connection page.

  • Copy the exact text saved under YOUR STORE KEY and return to your Uphance dashboard.

Establish Your WooCommerce Connection

To create the connection between Uphance and WooCommerce;

  • Navigate to the Uphance WooCommerce integration page and paste the key in the WooCommerce Store KEY field.

  • Add your store's URL to the WooCommerce store URL field.

  • You can create a Friendly Store Name to be used to refer to the store around Uphance or keep the default.

  • Click the Connect to WooCommerce button to establish the connection.

WooCommerce Settings and Configurations

Once your store status is Connected, you’ll need to configure the connection in the SETTINGS section.


Setting up a separate channel for your online store(s) is useful because you will be able to group e-commerce sales separately from wholesale sales. Pricing can also be controlled independently, if necessary. If not, you can inherit retail prices from wholesale channels, to save time and reduce data entry.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Channels & Currencies and then click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner.

2. In the Name field, select a name to identify this channel around Uphance.

3. Under Currency, select the currency of the store.

4. Under the channel group, select Retail if your WooCommerce store is for retail sales.

This will allow you to group all your retail sales channels together for reporting if you have other retail sales channels.

Channel Settings

After the channel is created, you can configure it on the next screen.

Quantities to Sync to WooCommerce

Inventory quantities that are synced with WooCommerce are determined by what you choose here.

Available From Stock

In-stock quantities, minus any quantities already committed on confirmed sales orders, will be available to purchase.


All quantities in stock will be available to purchase, even if already required to fulfill sales orders confirmed in Uphance.

Size & Color in WooCommerce

It is important that the integration knows what your WooCommerce size and color variants are called in order to pull and push accurate data. Here are some examples of when these fields would need to be changed.

  • "Size field" in Woocommerce: If your store has size options, but they are written in French or Italian. You’d need to change this field to 'Taille' or 'Taglia' or whichever word is used.

  • "Color field" in Woocommerce: If your store calls color variants something else, such as 'material', you would change this field to that word. Similarly, if your store variants are written in another language like French or Italian, you’d need to change the word to what you’re using in WooCommerce, such as 'Couleur' or 'Colore'.

Uphance Warehouse

If your WooCommerce orders are shipped from a different location than your primary warehouse, select that warehouse here.

Sending Products & Product Updates to WooCommerce

When you are ready to sell new products in WooCommerce, you can generate them from an entire product season in Uphance. This will transmit each product's name, price, description, category, and images to WooCommerce.

To push products or updates to WooCommerce from Uphance;

  • Navigate to the SEND PRODUCTS TO WOOCOMMERCE tab on the integration page.

  • Select a brand with the products you’d like to push to WooCommerce.

  • Select the relevant Product Information for your selected brand.

  • Choose the appropriate sales channel for the products. This is essential for pushing the right financial information for your products.

  • If this is the first time you’re pushing products from Uphance to WooCommerce, click the Create Products button to proceed.

  • If you’re looking to make updates or adjustments to products you already pushed to WooCommerce, click the Update Products button.

Bringing/Pulling Orders From WooCommerce

Use this only if you do not have any products in Uphance already. If you already have these products in Uphance, this will likely result in duplicates.

To pull products or orders from WooCommerce;


  • Select a relevant season that includes the products or orders you intend to pull.

  • Select a season for your unpublished products.

  • Tick the available boxes to include prices and inventory.

  • Click the Update in Uphance button to bring updates to existing orders.

  • Click the Pull All Open Orders to bring over your open orders from WooCommerce to Uphance.


If you have already linked your products in Uphance with your WooCommerce store, you can enable synchronization to automatically sync changes on either platform. To do this;

  • Navigate to the SYNCHRONIZATION tab.

  • Click the BEGIN SYNC button to start synchronizing your products and orders.

Order Management

To manage your orders from your WooCommerce store via Uphance;

  • Navigate to the left of the page and click on Order Management.

  • Select Sales Orders to see your orders from all channels.

  • To see all your orders from WooCommerce, navigate to the "All Sales" filter in the top-right section of the page.

  • Select WooCommerce to view only orders from this channel.

Order Fulfillment

Once an order is placed on your WooCommerce store, an invoice, payment receipt, and a pick ticket are automatically generated. Order fulfillment via Uphance is based on your pre-configured channel settings. You'll need to ensure that your channel settings are properly configured to automate Order Fulfillment.

Returns Management

When orders are returned via your WooCommerce store, they are synced with your inventory on Uphance automatically. Returns are generally based on your Channel configurations. For instance, if your channel setting is configured to "Automatically Check-In" returns, the stock would be automatically added to your inventory.

Activity Logs

Activity logs on the WooCommerce integration page provide a simple overview of your recent channel activity. For instance, it can provide details of products that you recently pulled from your WooCommerce store. To view activity logs;

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page to the Activity tab.

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