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How to Access and Manage Sales Order Reports
How to Access and Manage Sales Order Reports

Generate Reports related to your Sales Orders

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Uphance offers a wide variety of reporting capabilities that give you deep insights into your sales operations, giving you better control over your business.

One such report is the Sales Order Report. This report lets you see your sales by SKU, product, customer, variation, country, size, to name a few.

How to Access Sales Order Reports

To access your sales report, click the Reports tab. Then select the report you would like to run. Set your parameters using the filters and click the Run button.

Interestingly, you can download the report as CSV/Excel. To do so, simply navigate to the bottom of the bottom of the page and select the format you would like to download the report.

See Sales Order Current State Reporting for additional real-time data on your Sales Orders.  Also, see our Agencies' documents for more information on the Commission Reports.

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