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How to Add Team Members
How to Add Team Members

Learn how to add Team Members to your organization

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Uphance allows you to add Team Members to your organization to help you manage your business. 

You can send them an "invite" in the same way you would when inviting buyers to your B2B showroom.

Thankfully, sending invitations to team members is very simple and you can do so via the following steps:

First, navigate to Settings >> Users. Then click on the + icon at the top. Then enter the name of the user you wish to add, their email and also their role. Finally, hit the Create User button.

Note: Adding a new member to your organization can bump up your subscription fee. You will see the total fee you will pay at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Upon hitting the Create User button, you will be automatically redirected to the Edit Membership page.

This is where you get to see if the user you added has accepted your invite. It's also where you get to edit their access and permission to your organization. You can also adjust their notification settings from this page.

Removing Team Members

Removing team members is also as easy as adding them. To remove, navigate to Settings >> Users once more. Locate the member you would like to remove. Click the edit icon, scroll to the bottom of the page, uncheck Active and Update user.

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