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Learn how to add Team Members to your organization

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Team Members

Uphance allows you to add Team Members to your organization to help you manage your business. 

You will send them an "invite" similar to the way you send your Buyer's invitations which is done through your customer's database.  However, the Team Members invitations are sent through the User's & Permissions database. 

To send an invite to your organization's Team Members, 

  1. Navigate to Settings>Users & Permissions

  2. Click the Plus sign (+) in the top, right corner (Figure 1)

  3. On the New User form, type the First Name and Email address of the Team Member you want to add to your organization (See Figure 2).

  4. Click the Create User button (See Figure 2)

Figure 1

Note:  The amount that you will be charged for adding this additional user will be displayed at the bottom of the New User form.  The cost is calculated based on your subscription pricing.

Figure 2

On the next screen, you will be presented with the standard "edit membership" options which allows you to:

  • See whether they have accepted your invitation. (See Figure 3)

  • Resend the invitation email (or Send invite email to you so that you can accept on behalf of your user/team member).  (See Figure 3)

  • Specify whether this Team member is associated with a particular Agent.  (See Agencies Knowledge Article for additional information).  (See Figure 3)

  • What Channel Memberships they should have access to.  (See Figure 3)

  • Specify whether you want this team member to receive email notifications or access to your Dashboard for your Showroom, eCommerce or Accounting.    (See Figure 4)

  • Control what this team member has access to through the various "tick boxes". (See Figure 5)

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Removing Team Members

If you want to remove a Team Member, click the recycling bin at the end of their account as shown in Figure 1.  If you do not see an recycling bin at the end of their account, they may be an Owner.  To remove an Owner account:

  1.  Login as an Owner

  2. Click the Edit icon (pencil)

  3. Deselect the "Owner" box 

  4. Click Update User

  5. From the main screen (Figure 1), you should see the recycling bin

If you want to temporarily mark their account as "in active", 

  1.  click the Edit icon (pencil)

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. Deselect "Active"

Monitoring Email Invitations

If your Team Member is not receiving their email invitation, you can view the status of of the email invitation you sent through your Activities Log.  

To check the status of your invitation from the Email Activity page,

  1. Select the drop down menu from your circled initial in the top right of your screen. (See figure 6)

  2. Select Activity from the drop down menu.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom section of the screen to see the email activity section.

  4. If the email status shows "delivered", your customer should have received the invitation.   (See Figure 7)

Figure 6

Figure 7

Note:  If you customer did not receive the invitation and this status field shows "delivered", please ask them to check their spam folder.

Team Member Perspective

What your Team Member will receive from you is an email that looks like this:

After your Team Member clicks on that link in their email, they will receive the "Accept Invitation" form as illustrated below.  Once they complete they form and click on Create Account, they will be logged into your company and can see your Dashboard.

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