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How to Create Manufacturing Services
How to Create Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

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Uphance allows you to create manufacturing services, which you can tie to manufactured products. These services include sewing, weaving, embroidery, dyeing, etc.

Tying the cost of these services, as well as the cost of the materials, into your products, enables you to cost them properly.

Shortly, we will show you the steps for creating manufacturing services and adding them to your products.

Step 1: Create a vendor

Before creating a manufacturing service, you need to create a vendor you want to associate that service with. If you've done that previously, you might want to skip this step.

But if you haven't, log in to your account and navigate to Production/Purchasing >> Vendors. Click Actions and select New Vendor.

Enter the required information and create the vendor.

Note: A vendor can either be a supplier or a manufacturer. Since you are creating a manufacturing service, it makes sense to select a manufacturer as a vendor.

You can learn more about creating a vendor here.

Step 2: Create the Manufacturing Service

After setting up the vendor, you are now set to create the manufacturing service. To do so, navigate to Product Information >> Services and create a new service as illustrated below:

After a while, Uphance will add the new service you just created.

As you can see, Uphance automatically spreads the purchase price you entered when creating the service across all your sales channels (Wholesale USA, Wholesale Europe, etc.).

Step 3: Adding the service to a product

The last step is to tie the service you just created to a product. To do so, open the product, click the Production tab and add the service.

Finally, download the product's Bill of material/services.

You will notice that the service you just created has been added for all the product's variants.

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