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How to Import Materials/Services
How to Import Materials/Services

Batch upload Raw Materials or Services

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If you have many new raw materials or manufacturing services you want to add to your inventory or want to make changes to the existing ones, you may want to use the material export/import feature.

How to Add New Materials

Before adding new materials to your account, you must have the data saved in an Excel/CSV sheet. We recommend you first download the CSV template and populate it with your data.

You can access it by navigating to Product Information >> Materials. Then click the materials link to download the template.

After downloading and populating the template, click the Actions button and select Upload Raw Materials.

Editing Existing Materials/Services

Uphance enables you to edit existing materials/services with ease. To do so, navigate to Inventory Management >> Material Inventory. Here, you will see all the materials in the system.

You can filter them based on Categories, Suppliers, Season and Warehouse.

Look at the bottom of the page where you will see the option to download all the materials as a CSV or Excel file.

After downloading the file, open it, make the intended edit, and re-upload it following the steps we outlined in the previous section.

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