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Import Materials/Services
Import Materials/Services

Batch upload Raw Materials or Services

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Import Materials/Services

If you have many new raw materials or manufacturing services you want to add to your inventory or changes you want to make to existing, you may want to use the export/import feature to manage the changes.

New Materials/Services

If you have new raw materials you want to add, 

  1. Select Raw Materials from the main left vertical menu

  2. Click the Upload button in the top, right corner of your screen (Figure 1)

  3. Select the Materials link to download the Excel template (Figure 2)

  4. After adding your new raw materials and/or manufacturing services (and delete sample rows), save your file.

  5. Click the "Choose File" button (Figure 2) and navigate to your saved file.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Changing Existing Materials/Services

If you want to change existing materials/services, 

  1. Select Raw Materials from the main, left vertical menu

  2. Filter by Season, Supplier or Category if you want to narrow down the list of items you plan to change

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Raw Materials screen

  4. Select Materials CSV or Excel 

  5. Open the downloaded file, make the changes you want to make to your existing data and Save the file

  6. Click the Upload button (Figure 1)

  7. Click the "Choose File" button (Figure 2) and specify your saved file

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