Import Bill of Materials for Products

Associate Raw Materials with your Products via a Bulk Upload

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Import Bill of Materials for Products

Once  you have your Raw Materials in Uphance, you will want to associate them with your Products.  You can do this manually one-by-one or you can perform a Bulk Upload.  

To perform a Bulk Upload of the Raw Material associations, 

  1. Select Products from your main, left vertical menu

  2. Click the drop down icon on the far right corner (Figure 1)

  3. Select Upload Bill of materials import from the drop down menu

  4. Select this spreadsheet template link from the pop up

  5. Complete the template with your raw material association

  6. Save your completed template

  7. Perform steps 2 & 3 again

  8. Select "Choose File"

  9. Navigate to your saved file

  10. Click Upload

Figure 1

Figure 2

Data Fields for Product Association with Raw Materials

Listed below are the fields that will be used to associate your Raw Materials with your Products.  The fields that are required fields are noted below as well.

  • product_identifier (required)

  • product_name

  • season (required)

  • product_variation (required)

  • product_size

  • material_name (required)

  • material_variation (required)

  • material_size

  • material_quantity

  • material_wastage (if blank, this field will be set to zero)

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