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How to Enable And Use Multicompany
How to Enable And Use Multicompany

Here's how you can seamlessly enable and use the Multi-Company Functionality with Uphance.

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One of the many features that Uphance ERP offers is the Multi-Company functionality. This allows you to manage your companies individually from one system. There are many reasons for adopting a Multicompany approach and these mostly have to do with taxation authorities and separating financial accounts. For instance, a company with operations in multiple countries may need to keep separate accounting requirements and even register a local company for compliance.

Also, in recent times, many businesses that operated out of the UK to meet EU Taxation requirements have had to register local companies in other EU locations in the aftermath of Brexit.

The multi-company functionality serves as your single source of truth and complete visibility for each of your company’s statuses. Also, with this feature, you can connect to multiple accounting systems such as XERO and QBO for each company. It also offers the ability to integrate one of the companies into The Iconic Marketplace, manage automatic emails to each of these companies, and many more capabilities.

Here’s how to enable and use the multi-company functionality.

Note: The Multi-company functionality is only available to Uphance users on the Enterprise plan. Learn more about Uphance Pricing.

Activate Multi-Companies

To get started with your multi-company strategy on Uphance, you’ll need to first enable the functionality from the app.

To do so, navigate to Settings >> Companies. Then enable the multi-companies feature.

Add a Company

Once you’ve enabled the multi-company functionality, you can add multiple companies like so:

How to Add Company to The Iconic Marketplace

To link your company and multiple brands on Uphance with The Iconic Marketplace, simply launch the app, and link the company you just added like so:

How to Assign Company in QuickBooks

One of the many benefits of a Multicompany strategy with Uphance is the ability to seamlessly connect to multiple accounting systems including QuickBooks. For instance, a company with operations in the UK and Canada may opt to assign the UK company to Xero and the Canadian company to QuickBooks.

To assign a company to QuickBooks, fire up the app and select the company you wish to add in the Company dropdown section.

How to Assign Company in Xero

Like Quickbooks, you can also add a second company to Xero like so:

Learn how to integrate Xero with Uphance here.

Note: For XERO and QuickBooks, each company will need a separate account if they are located in different countries. Alternatively, users could use QuickBooks for their brand in the US for instance, and use XERO for their Australian or Canadian brand. Multiple brands with separate Shopify accounts can connect these accounts separately.

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