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How to Integrate ChannelEngine With Uphance
How to Integrate ChannelEngine With Uphance
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Do you want to expand your fashion and apparel business beyond the shores of your country by connecting your store to multiple marketplaces? Integrating Uphance with ChannelEngine is the way to go.

What is ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine is a marketplace management platform that makes it easy for you to connect to several marketplaces from one spot. These include Zalando, eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Back Market, and over a hundred more.

How to Integrate Uphance with ChannelEngine

Connecting your Uphance account with ChannelEngine is straightforward. Here are the steps to go about it:

Step 1: Add the ChannelEngine app

To use ChannelEngine from Uphance, you first need to add the app. You can do so by navigating to Apps >> All apps

Then scroll down until you see ChannelEngine. Then click the Add button beneath it. Upon clicking, the app will automatically appear in the My Apps tray.

Step 2: Test your connection

After adding ChannelEngine to your account, the next thing you will want to do is to test your connection to be sure everything works fine. To do so, locate it in the My apps tray and click the Configure button.

After that, enter your API key and URL from ChannelEngine in the required field:

Then hit the Test Connection button.

Step 3: Complete The Configuration

After testing your connection and you are certain it works fine, the next step is to complete your configuration by selecting your preferred Uphance channel, warehouse, invoicing method, inventory to send, and payment term. Let's now go over each of them:

Uphance Channel

Channel is basically your price point or source of price for each order you send out of Uphance. For example, you can use USD as a channel for all e-commerce orders.

To add/edit a channel, navigate to Settings >> Channels & Currencies.

On the Channels & Currencies page, click the + icon to add a new channel and the pencil icon to edit an existing one.

Uphance Warehouse

This is the warehouse you are picking and sending orders from. You can learn more about warehouse management here.

Default Invoicing Method

When you select a default invoicing method, all orders coming from your sales channels will be automatically assigned to that method. You don't have to manually assign invoices.

Inventory to Send

Uphance gives you the option of selecting two sets of inventories to send to ChannelEngine: Available and Available from Stock

We recommend going for Available from Stock because those are the inventories already available in your warehouse and ready to be picked.

ChannelEngine Payment Term

Uphance gives you a list of payment terms to choose from. To edit or add a new one, navigate to Settings >> Invoicing

Then click the + button to add a new payment term.

Click the Save button when you are done configuring your account.

Step 4: Push Products and Pull Orders

Once you've completed the configuration, the next step is to push products to ChannelEngine. To do so, select a Product season as well as a Brand (optional).

If you have open orders you want to pull from ChannelEngine, simply click the Pull All Open Orders button.

Note: When sending products to Channel Engine, ensure they have an SKU assigned to them. Without an SKU, the upload won't work as expected.

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