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How to Create Tech Packs
How to Create Tech Packs
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A tech pack is a must-have if you are a fashion designer looking to design and produce an apparel product, such as a hoodie, shirt, hat, dress, etc. They let you communicate your ideas to a manufacturer to ensure a smooth production run.

Creating a detailed tech pack can challenging, especially if you use a spreadsheet. But using Uphance makes the experience a hassle-free one.

What Are Tech Packs?

Tech Packs, or specification sheets, are a blueprint of an apparel product. They contain all the technical details, including technical sketches Bill of Material, Point of Measurement, branding information, etc. a manufacturer needs to create your garment design.

How to Create a Tech Pack

With Uphance, you can easily create a detailed tech pack and send it off to a manufacturer quickly and easily. Here are the steps to go about it.

Step 1: Launch the Tech Pack Design Interface

To do so, open the product you want to create a tech pack for and then the design tab. This is where you will be creating the tech pack.

Step 2: Start Creating the Tech Pack

So the first thing you will want to do is to select your product’s development stage.

By default, all products go through 4 development stages: Sales Sample, Prototype, Preproduction, and Bulk Production.

You can always add, edit, or delete the existing stages from Settings >> PLM.

After adding the stages, set them up and also set a duration for each stage. All of these are optional, though.

Upload the technical sketches

To upload the technical sketches for your tech pack, click the + icon like so:

You can upload as many sketches as you want and add descriptive notes to each sketch to communicate your ideas better to a manufacturer.

After selecting the sketch, select the view and then click the check icon like so:

Do bear in mind that by default, sketches have 3 views. But you also add/edit/delete views by going to Settings >> PLM.

Adding Annotations to Sketches

After you've uploaded your sketches, you can add annotations to them with a few clicks. Doing so helps to communicate your ideas to your manufacturer.

To add annotation, simply click the edit image link on the sketch and annotate the image however you want as illustrated below:

We encourage you to play around with all the annotation tools to see which fits your needs best.

Selecting Size Specification Template

When you are done annotating your sketches, select a template and enter your sizing specification.

To do so, click the Size specifications template dropdown box and select an option.

Then enter your desired sizes in the Requested and Actual columns for each POM (Point of Measurement).

Want to add/edit size specifications? Go to Settings >> PLM

Finally, if you have a special note you wish to add to your tech pack, enter it in the Notes section.

Step 3: Generate and Download Your Tech Pack

If you followed step one through, you are now ready to generate and download the tech pack. To do so, click the Generate or Regenerate (if you previously created a tech pack) and download once done.

But if you wish to email the Tech pack instead, click the mail icon next to the download icon.

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