How to Update Material Name

Learn what to do if you have a material name change

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Uphance allows you to update the name of an existing material anytime you want.

Adding New Material

We always recommend creating new material rather than updating an existing one. See Adding New Materials Knowledge Articles.  

However, if you have other colors associated with that material name, you may need to update the existing material instead.

Update Existing Material

To update an existing material, navigate to Inventory Management >> Material Inventory.

Alternatively, navigate to Product Information >> Materials.

Locate the material you would like to update. Edit it by changing the name. Update.

If you want to change the colors associated with the material, click the Variations tab.

Bulk Uploading of Name Changes

You can change the name of your materials in bulk by using an import file. However,

you may encounter errors if you are trying to import these updates into Uphance from an upload file.

If you have the same name for multiple colors, you may get error messages that the name already exists.  If so, you will need to follow the steps above for the name change.  


Changes made to material names do not reflect on historical reports and data because you are not changing any products; only the raw materials.

Updating Your Product

Once your material name has been changed, you need to update your products with the newly added material and remove the old material.

  1. Locate your Product.

  2. On the Raw Materials tab, add the new raw materials and colors for each size.  See our Knowledge Article on Completing Product Setup for additional information on editing Raw Materials associated with your Products.

  3. Delete the old material/colors formerly associated with the product by clicking on the recycling bin at the end of the row.

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