WooCommerce Integration
Sync inventory and product data between WooCommerce and Uphance
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Connecting to WooCommerce

The WooCommerce integration allows real-time inventory and product data sync between Uphance.  Follow these steps to connect one or more stores to Uphance.

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Apps then click on WooCommerce.  On the next page, click on 'Download Connector' and save the file.

2. Go to your WooCommerce dashboard. From the main menu select Plugins and then Add New.  On the next page click on Upload Plugin.

3.  Select the file that you downloaded from Uphance in the previous step, which should be called Uphance_WooCommerce.zip, and click Install Now.

4.  Wait for the Plugin to be installed. On the next screen, click on Activate Plugin.  Once activated, find Bridge Connector in your list of installed plugins.

5. Click on the Settings link to go to the connection page. Copy the exact list of characters that is saved under YOUR STORE KEY and take it back to Uphance.

6. On the Uphance WooCommerce integration page, paste the key in the WooCommerce Store KEY field and add your store's URL to the WooCommerce store URL  field.  You can create a Friendly Store Name to be used to refer to the store around Uphance or keep the default. Then click on Connect to WooCommerce to make the connection. 

If you aren't sure what to use for the store URL, you'll find it in the address bar of your WooCommerce admin page. It is just the first portion of the URL before any slashes.

After a minute or so, your store should connect to Uphance!

Trouble connecting?
If nothing has changed and you don't see a message indicating your store is connected, reach out to support as your connection may require some additional configuration.

Now that you are connected, you are ready to configure the integration. Continue to the next article to learn how.

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