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How to Create Product Bundles
How to Create Product Bundles

New Feature: Bundle your products

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Uphance allows you to combine individual products into a single bundle for your customers to order.  As an example, rather than selling a blouse, a pant, a pair of shoes and a bag as individual products, you can bundle them as a nice ensemble for your customers.  

This bundling technique allows you to offer your customers irresistible product mixing (assortment). In addition, it can help improve their buying experience by shortening their shopping time.

How to Create Product Bundles

To create a bundle,  you must have your individual product items (and any associated Raw Materials) already created.  If you need help creating Products or Raw Materials, please see our Knowledge Articles for more information.

To create a product bundle, simply navigate to Product Information >> Products. Click the Actions button and select Add New Product.

Upon selecting, a popup would appear. Since you are creating a product bundle, click the This is a product bundle checkbox.

Enter the style identifier style name, select the season, sizing format, and colorways.

Note: The colorways will be used to create variants for the product. Finally, hit the Create Product button.

Also, note that product bundle stocks will be based on the products associated with it.

Upon clicking the button, you will see this page.

As you can see, there are 6 tabs on this page, name: Product Details, Variations, Images, SKUs, Bundle and eCommerce.

Let's walk you through each of them.

Product Details

The Product Details page is where you get to edit the style identifier, name, season, brand, category, etc. of the product.

Additionally, it's on this page that you can generate a description for the bundle. You can also monitor activity around the product bundle on this page.


This is where you add a color swatch for each product variant, edit the supplier ID, select a drop, add pricing information for the bundle, and add shipping information.

Once you are done, click the Save button at the top-right corner.


It's on this page that you upload images for each product variant. You can upload multiple images for a variant and delete them whenever you want.

To delete an image, mouse over it and the delete icon will appear. Then delete.


This is where you will see the warehouse where each product variant is coming from, edit the SKU number, add EAN/UPC codes and see the available stocks.

We suggest you read this guide to learn how to add your EAN/UPC codes. When you are done, save and move to the next tab: Bundle


The Bundle page is where the actual bundling happens. This is done by adding the existing products to the bundle, based on the bundle variant and size.

In this example, we added the Alice Dress Plaid to the Black variant for size S and set the quantity to 2.

We then did something similar for the sizes of other variants.

Note that you can always edit the product you added as bundles later on like so:

However, bundle products cannot be edited/updated once a transaction has been created against it.

When you are done, save the bundle.


The last step now is to sync the product bundle to your store on Shopify or WooCommerce. It's on this page that you do so.

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