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Send products to WooCommerce from Uphance
Send products to WooCommerce from Uphance
Generate products in WooCommerce in bulk from a season in Uphance
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When you are ready to sell new products in WooCommerce, you can generate them from an entire product season in Uphance. 

This will transmit each product's name, price, description, category, and images to WooCommerce.

Generate products

Navigate to Apps > WooCommerce and locate the Send Products To WooCommerce section

The settings are as follows:

  1. Send product information for this season into WooCommerce: Select the season to send to WooCommerce in this dropdown.

  2. Sales Channel in WooCommerce: This is from a legacy version of the WooCommerce integration. If the sales channel you are using is not available in the dropdown, just select a channel with the same currency. The channel that is applied in the above Settings section will be used. 

  3. Create Products
    When you are ready to send product data to WooCommerce, click on the Create Products button.

After you initiate product creation,  you should see a message about the transfer on the right hand side of the screen. 

It can take some time for each product to be generated in WooCommerce.

Finalize connections  

You will need to finalize the connections in both Uphance and WooCommerce for them to be synchronized and available for sale in the store.

In Uphance: 

1. On the product page, you will see a purple WooCommerce icon on the right hand side of products that have been connected.

2. Click on one of the products and navigate to the e-commerce tab. Match up your SKU in Uphance to the relevant WooCommerce SKU via the WooCommerce Variant  dropdown and press save. 

3. You will see the number in ATS from Stock reflected in the Live WooCommerce Stock Level field.  If not click the Force Update WooCommerce Stock Levels and check the connection status from Apps > Woocommerce.

In WooCommerce

The products that are generated in WooCommerce will be unpublished and not available for sale until you publish them. 

  1. Find the newly created products in your WooCommerce product list.

  2. Check the price, image and details and then publish when ready to sell.

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