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Raw Materials 

If you want to perform your own costing or provide your manufacturers with a list of materials that are needed to make your product, Uphance allows you to associate different raw materials with your products.

Adding Raw Materials

If your Raw Materials are not setup yet, you will not be able to associate them with your Product.  To add your raw materials (and costing) to your Raw Materials database, select Raw Materials from the left, main vertical menu. Then, click "Add raw material" in the top right corner of the screen.  

To add "categories" for Raw Materials, go to Settings>Raw Materials.  Categories can be buttons, soles, fabric, etc.  Your "name" must be unique.

See Raw Materials for additional information.
You can also perform Bulk Uploads of Raw Materials. 

Product's Raw Materials

Once your Raw Materials are setup, you are ready to associate your Raw Materials with your Product:

  1. Click on the Raw Materials Tab.

Note:  Raw Materials tab is not available for Bundled Products. For more information see our Combination Product (Bundling) Knowledge Article.

Color or Color & Size

Before you begin associating your Raw Materials with your Products, determine whether you want your Product's Raw Materials to be based on Color or Color & Size.  The toggle button at the top of the screen allows you to switch between the two.  

Hint: You could leave this setting on Materials based on Product Color until you get one size/color setup with Raw Materials.  Then, you could turn it on.  Uphance will copy that first Size/Color Raw Material listing to the remaining sizes and colors.  From their, you can easily change the sizes or quantities.  This may be easier than try to add them one by one.

If you will select Materials based on Product Color, you will only be able to associate one size with the raw material for that color variation.  As shown below, with Product Color selected, I can only have a "small cotton raw material" associated with my Gold and White product variants.

If you select Product Color & Size, you can specify multiple sizes for your raw materials as aligned with the sizes of your product variants.  As shown below, with the Product Color & Size, the "small, medium and large cotton raw materials" are associated with the S, M & L Gold and White Product variants.

Add Materials to Products


Whatever is added in the "Common" section applies to all variations.  For those items that are not the same for all variations, you would add them to the appropriate section.   

As an example, some raw materials may be made out of a fabric, leather or other items needed for a specific color.  In those cases, they would be applied to the appropriate sections for those raw materials.  While some of your raw materials may be the same or "common" that applies to all of these (e.g. black button or lace) that will go on all of them.  The black button or lace would go in the "Common" section. 

Other Variations

To associate your Raw Material for the other variations, click on "+Add Material" link.

  • Select your Product Variation from the drop down list.

  • Select your Partial

  • Select your Variation

  • Select your Size

  • Specify your Quantity

  • Specify your % Wastage

Production Pricing

As discussed in the Additional Product Variation Setup documentation, the Raw Materials automatically populates in the Production Pricing table on the Product's Variation tab.  Hint:  Be sure you have the appropriate quantity in stock for a particular manufacturer or it will not update.  

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