Additional Product Variation Setup

Associate your Product Variations with Pricing, Production and Shipping

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Completing Product Variations

Once you have created your new product, have setup your product images and defined your swatch images and standard colors, you will want to further match those swatch and color variations to your pricing, production and shipping details.  Associating your Product Variations allows you to manage your cost in multiple factories, currencies (if needed) and regions.  


Getting Started

Locate your existing product and navigate to the Variations tab.  If you scroll down below the Colors section, you will see the other 3 sections for Pricing, Production and Shipping.  This Knowledge Article will list these sections in the order in which they are shown on the Variations tab.  However, you should start with the Production section first as that information feeds into your Pricing.


The Whole Sale Channels, Manufacturers and Currencies are defined in the Settings>Currency & Channels section and automatically visible on any of your products unless you specify otherwise by marking them "hidden" under settings.

If there is a product that is not available for a Wholesaler in a particular region, you can deselect it for that one product by clicking in the box "Wholesale Available".  See more details on the Currency & Channels Knowledge Article.   

Suggested Pricing for Whole Sale Price (WSP) is derived from Total Cost.  And the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is derived from the Whole Sale Price.  To see the suggested WSP and MSRP, "hoover" over those price fields in the WSP and MSRP columns. Either choose to use the suggested calculations or enter your own information by typing directly into the field.  

Use the "copy to all" feature at the end of the rows so that you do not have to manually enter the pricing information where it is the same for all of your colors or swatch images. 

  • If you have different pricing in different regions, you can specify what currencies/price lists you want to use under the "Channels and Currency" setting. 

Figure 1


For each of the colors you defined in your Swatch Images and Standard Color section, you will see a corresponding color line item listed under the Production section.  Here you can choose the Manufacturer from the drop down list and specify your Unit Price in your own currency.  Uphance will automatically translate that unit price into a USD price, add in the Material Cost and Other Cost to give you the Total Cost.  This total cost feeds into the Pricing table described in the section above.   Material Cost comes from another tab.  However, the Other Cost field can be manually updated.  

Figure 2

See also the Knowledge Article for adding a Manufacturer.  

Note:  Production Pricing is not available for Product Bundling.


Associate your Swatch images and standard colors to the product's Textile content and weight in this section by typing them directly into the appropriate fields as shown below.

Figure 3

The MID Code is Read Only within the Product Variation Tab.  To change the MID Code, update this within your Manufacturer's profile.  To update the Tariff Code, Country of Origin and Intrastat Code, you can type these  directly within the Product variation view by scrolling down to this Shipping section.  

Next Steps:

See also Completing Product Setup for your SKUs, Raw Material, Design and eCommerce.

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